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  • bobjonesismyname bobjonesismyname Jan 24, 2013 12:00 PM Flag


    Anyone want to guess as to the reason for the runup (orchestrated) in Netflix and why NOW? Seems to have a heavy scent of P&D on it. I don't see any Block connection, just curious what everyone thinks. Reminds me of DNDN.

    As for October-December MOR, MIA? Didn't someone say if it went MIA, then we are AOK? LOL

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    • Yes, IMO the runup if a hedgie buying big time BEFORE the market open, then slowly selling off to a tune of 50% in 1 day. All because someone said NFLX made a Profit.
      Well it could be because this hedge had been in NFLX for awhile playing the ups and downs. Now they know something and want a big finish.

      When Goog gets finished with their test and the govt approves ..... dd


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    • BOB...they beat by .13 cts thats it... instead of an expected loss of .13 on the street... & added f in what?..big bloody deal..neflix are what aapl is OVERHYPED & OVERRATED CHITTT

      Where is the mor.... where are they updates here?....what in your opinion is the delay?...WHATS GOING ON?

      it cannot be all for nothing.....

      Didnt you say the other day you knew someone who could or may be able to sort through all this #$%$ mate ??.WHO & WHAT CAN BE DONE HERE?

      Come on us the bloody minerals already!!! if youve got

      best to all longs


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