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  • emerald_islerr emerald_islerr Feb 1, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    New Blockbuster on Demand App is Out

    Available in the Google Play Store, I just downloaded it and it is really an upgrade. It is trademarked @2013 Blockbuster on Demand, is this a new trademark?

    It looks like the time is here one way or another, things are moving fast now...


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    • Interesting comment on an engadget article about the new service:

      "I know some of the people working on various parts of this project, and have discussed various things with them many times. I don't understand why, and they cannot give me a straight answer, but this Blockbuster On Demand thing isn't even trying to compete with Netflix. So they say, that is. After talking over the finer points of it, I've told them that my Netflix subscription is of much more value to me than, essentially, additional Pay-Per-View options. They also keep telling me that the Netflix business model is fundamentally flawed and going to fail.

      Their BBTV project is much more interesting. I'm sure I'm not supposed to say anything about it, but I'll bend that guideline and say that it's somewhat related to the DishWorld channel on Roku."

    • If you google "dish digital llc" abd go to the 6th link you will see a conference call log from echostar and towards the end they talk about dd llc as being a Joint Venture between echostar and dish itself...

    • I just downlloaded the app on my Galaxy Note2 and once I selected it and it began to download it said Dish Digital LLC, which I have never seen before. The app icon appears to be a new logo it is a blue square with a large yellow "B" inside, not the torn ticket logo. I have had the in store one at a time unlimited dvd subscription but the store I go to is now closing so it is either back to the by mail or some type of digital download app. One thing I have noticed is all the other options have new movies (CinemaNow, Samsung Media Hub, itunes,Amazon ect) but none have ALL the new release movies except for BB. Anyways new developement looks like the new app logo and Dish Digital LLC attached to it.

    • Emerald: Can you describe the upgrade a bit? Can u pause a movie in the app on phone and start it from there on TV? Any thoughts on whether this would give Blockbuster an edge over competition in VOD space?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You can also access Blockbuster's On Demand site by going to blockbusternow. At the bottom of the page it says © 2013 Blockbuster On Demand. All rights reserved. U.S. You can download the app from that site.

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