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  • billstrouss billstrouss Mar 3, 2013 12:30 AM Flag

    Google-Dish wireless

    In an article from Nov. 16, it tells that someone has said that the Google-Dish wireless is a done deal, but of course neither has confirmed the alliance, so it just amounts to a rumor that Dish and Google are doing more than talking. The source claims Google is advanced in it's development. "Deep in development plans", and will launch in May. The article is on Droid life's site. Can't paste from the article on this board so you will have to look it up.

    There were a slew of comments on the article. Almost 100% positive concerning the possibility of Google Cellular Service. I know we are more interested in the distribution of Movie Content but it's really all tied together.

    It's also tied to how advertising is done in conjunction with how content distribution is payed for. Right now VOD is expensive, but when some consumers opt to watch ads along with their content, the content can be given to the consumer at slightly lower rates.

    Charlie talked a little about this at Dive into Media, he believes he has a plan that allows him to get more money from advertisers than they currently pay. Google is involved with his plan, I believe, and their network in conjunction with their phone service is part of the plan, he mentioned consumer information collected from cell phones.

    It might mean more distribution opportunities for the studios and of course Blockbuster. All these guys have been working on this since at least 2007, when Dish and Google signed an advertising agreement, again this is my opinion. But you can get the articles from 2007 which talk about the ad agreement. And we all know that Google TV has more functionality when accessed through Dish.

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    • Billy, this is the same old line from you and all the pumpers... Talking about a 3rd party and their involvement with Dish.. Then you as all the rest do... you conjurer a relationship to your very own BB Liquidating group. Not so savvy son. Nothing new, nothing untried before. Remember you have gone from no taking a stance that BK was to be averted, to taking a stance that the 363 sale would generate billions, to taking a stance that the assets sold were not in fact the valuable assets.... That the trust held such billion dollar technologies as to characterize the 363 sale as a lease on the brand. You have never provided proof. There are no hidden assets. Any technology that BBI had in 2010 is surely defunct by now anyway. Those embedded functions that you tout, do not benefit you in any way son. In fact if you have not noticed the whole concept is drying up.... at least as BB name brand is concerned.

      I will give you credit for one thing only, you recognized that BBI's pricing plan was ignorant. Other than one fact you may have never publicly recognized; In hindsight considering the evolution of technology, and the unsustainable marketing plan, perhaps BBI went down hard because they knew it was inevitable.

      They (Blockbuster) were different from Family Video... In two major aspects. What they charged, and what they owned. Can you name how many corporate owned locations BBI had? Had BBI spent their capital on buying real estate they may have had a soft landing. But between that poor decision along with the spin off from viacom, they were left holding the bag... And when I say they, I mean any investor post 2008.


    • Billy, you are not pithy by any long shot are you? But you are here. While I don't expect you to call me if you choose not to, at least post why or why not?

      BTW your post was so long I did not read it.... I'm sure it was good though.

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