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  • billstrouss billstrouss May 2, 2013 10:40 PM Flag


    BB Liquidating Inc. (BLIAF) -OTC Markets got all the way to 27.01 today. I wonder if it was on the news of the app on iOS.

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    • Boiler Room Billy BLIAF is a bell Aliant symbol the market it trades on, OTC Markets and every other stock quote service including NASDAQ all show it as that. Only Yahoo has it screwed up and yes I know you think Yahoo is the controlling force of the entire financial system, that doesn't seem to be working for you to well.

      Man that W game last night was fantastic never heard it that loud in there before even more than the last game now we get to be schooled by Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, but that is a beautiful thing to watch like the result or not.

    • Did anyone read the transcript of the Bell Aliant Qrt, 1, 2013 conference call that is posted on our Yahoo news, but not on the Bliaf page. I won't give Seeking Alpha my email address, so I could only read the first page. How come that article is on our page and not Bliaf, didn't Nelson Smith, Seeking Alpha Contributer, assure us that Bliaf was a share you could buy to own Bell Aliant and get all those good dividends. If he's right, that article should be on the Yahoo page for Bliaf.

      On another subject; who remembers the Bronx Bomber, Niko Celentano? He now works for a company called Source Trading, associated with Source Capital, and only a few miles from Source Capital Group, in CT.

      How is it that a grocery from the Bronx ends up working for a pure execution trade company like Source Trading.

      There's others associated with the shareholders of Bliaq, that are closely associated with Source Trading as well. Kind of funny, don't you old timers, that remember Niko, think. And Source Capital has a relationship to note holders as well. Oh Niko, what have you been up to? And you were so supportive of Greg Meyer's effort to get on the Board of Directors. You were such an advocate for the shareholders, but you sold on the day before BB filed for BK. What's up Niko?

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      • Gee, someone should have started a message 'flyer' to be emailed and keep everyone abreast of who is doing what concerning Bliaq. Charged a bit, they could have made some money.
        Not kwitch, greeny or the other bashers, they have been caught in to many lies.
        HFG !

      • Bill, I was the only one calling Niko a mole and a liar at the time and a lot of longs gave me grief for it. After he "headed up" the shareholder efforts to keep us active in BK and then bailed suddenly, he disappeared from the board then showed up at key moments with pure negative spin. Nice to be vindicated. Why the SEC or even some legal enforcement agency is not all over this is beyond me since it will end up being a high profile case that would make a career for the agent who exposed the massive rigging of every aspect of this case. Billions at stake and nobody cares or maybe it is just another day on wallstreet for most of them. I'm sure you won't let it go, and I did read several of your detailed posts that catalog the events and players so far, even though they were alomst impossible to find due to the boilerroom #$%$s spamming the board making it unreadable. Good work as usual, keep it up. I'm still interested in the identities of the other liar #$%$s who are still posting here on behalf of the people hijacking Blockbuster from shareholders with record illegal shorting and price manipulation for about 15 years now, ie spyderman jimmy kroger (? can't remember) who freaked out when he got outed as a local broker #$%$ bashing during the long term short cellar boxing scheme, but there needs to be a better accounting of the players for when the final indictments come, so if you or another long with good info gets bored, make a shorter condensed version of the story and players to date that can be kept active over the din. Thanks again, great work from you and other longs trying to keep the rest of us informed. Impossible job in this boiler room basher sewer of a message board but keep trying. It would be great to see some good results for shareholders in the end but there are teams of #$%$s working hard on a different agenda, for decades now. Niko Cenantano... it figures. Amazing.

    • Bill, notice now how all references to Blockbuster Inc have been removed from BB Express site and the blog page now is temporarily unavailable.The Express site still as the notice of kiosks no longer in service and a toll free number but no BB Inc statement anymore. Who knows why but strange coincidence

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      • Inothings,

        Can't say what's going on there with the Blog site. Could be what I posted on the message board affects what BB and and NCR and the Trust do. It would be hard for me to believe, but who knows?

        Do you remember the Bronx Bomber as they called him in the Dallas papers? He went to the last shareholder meeting, the one where Management got it all wrong, and reported back that they served warm bottled water, not much else really.

        He was a strong supporter of Greg Meyer of Coinstar fame, and who still operates a segment of Redbox, according to what I see on the internet. Also according to what I read on the internet, Greg Meyer and his long time partner Jason Tanzer, went to Palm Beach FL, and opened an LLC called Automated Retail Holdings LLC. At the same time a bunch of other long time guys associated with RedBox have left Coinstar and relocated to Florida, Palm Beach area as well. Another funny thing is this happened coincidental with our Kiosks going AWAL.

        Oh Niko, what's going on, something tells me you're not really a grocer in the Bronx at all? Do you really live in Morris Town NJ?

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