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  • jonathan.ray41 jonathan.ray41 Jun 20, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    not to bring up pld news....

    but why doesnt kwitch post anymore? where did he/she go? also, i happen to notice BLOBPK is posting on the VG board now....whats up with that? they done over here??

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    • odds are he got too public, everyone seems to know his real identity so it's probably a good idea for him to go away but he was not really helping the cause, just a paid shill imo, too stupid to be an insider. Some of the old time managerial bashers seem to think they are all immune and even openly mock that they are untouchable. I've never seen so many bashers get outed and disappear, or stranger, keep posting even after they have been outed, but that's part of the sick mindset they have, cyberbullies who rule the playground and fear noone. When this is over, who knows what will happen. I think most of the longs who were robbed by the debt raid and inside takover are just waiting to see if they get paid first. If yes, then the boilerroom thugs have nothing to fear i guess. Some longs have lost a lot, I was able to trade back over the years on the predictable cycles like he used to mention all the time, $1.50 was his big number, but he kept forgetting to mention most of us were buying at .70 cents before selling at that point since holding was pointless with the naked shorting and manipulation. Longs kept trading right into the penny rise into .30 before one of them got their pals at the SEC to put a stop to it. Halted. Boom. just like that. Bigger companies with worst scenarios don't get halted but BB is under their thumb. Bankrupty court to finish the job has been going on for what, 3 freaking years now. Please. 15 years some of these losers have been bashing here with impunity, when it is over I have to wonder if some of the longs with deep pockets will not go after them with a pack of lawyers or worse. Who knows. There was a definite change in tone about 7 ot 8 years ago on one of them who actually considered the consequences, now he mockingly supports longs instead of openly ridiculing like others. There are a lot of criminals involved on this daylight hiest of Blockbuster, they just don't think they are. Crazy situation, never saw anything like this. Ever.

    • laughingstock*tm i only posted there to see how long it would take you to notice because i know you still post there yeah thats the ticket. ooooooooops

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