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  • if1able2 if1able2 Aug 21, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    Feels Like The Beginning...

    Of something BIG!

    Buffet, with an ID like that you should be paying attention to his actions/mantra "When there is blood in the Streets" it's time to buy. So he is now invested in DISH...Why? What does he see there that others do not? Why would he buy into a supposedly dying business model?

    By the way, I thought you already sold?


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    • Jerry,

      We should talk about why W. Buffet bought into DISH. I have grown tired of all dopey's accusations.

      Does anyone have an idea why someone with the acumen of Buffet would do this...and now?


    • But at this point, BBI Liq has nothing to do with Dish and there has been absolutely no definitive proof that it will be in the future. If you know of some, please tell me.

      Nice try. Never will sell and never said I sold / would sell. When I said give up I meant spending so much time following the situation.

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      • Buffet .. if you look at Google play .. all the references to BBInc have been replaced by Dish Digital, how can one explain that .. also, why 2 phone apps that are not linked .. one for LLC and one for Dish Dig? if you look at the Corporate site BBLLC and BBINC are connected right there .. one site with both on it .. IMO, they will merge but it will be on their schedule and terms!!

      • Buffet,

        On the other thread I didn't see where you said you were laying low on following the situation, thought you meant you were done with it.

        Anywho, I don't see how you see Dish has nothing to do with us here...after all he did buy "Substantially All" the assets from us and then turned around and said regarding BBI (Inc at the time) that the coming events would be similar to a "Seinfeld" episode. So after seeing an episode or two I have come to the conclusion he has some plan for this stock. And after watching the way it has been "Handled" not extinquished...I'm still confident that something is in store for this one.

        I have never been in a stock that gave me "definitive proof" that it would succeed...EVER.

        I just have more risk/reward tendencies than some others.

        Future is everything here and I'm not "trying" anything with you...just more optimistic:)


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