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  • jmealie jmealie Aug 22, 2013 9:29 PM Flag

    movie link redirects to BB on demand site

    The old Movie link site redirects you to Blockbuster On Demand website. Wasn't sure if anyone know this already. Why would it redirect to the On Demand site and not the regular BB site?

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    • This has been that way for a long time. The last time I did a download it redirected me there, and I didn't like the web page. I thought it was terrible compared to prior, very hard to make a selection. It was almost like they were making it hard. I too found it interesting that it is a completely different site. I don't really know what conclusion to draw from the experience, but I wasn't pleased.

      This was just after Dish announced that "Blockbuster on Demand is Back", and just prior to the Laguna Nigel Conference titled "Dive into Media" that All Things D put on.

      My daughter in law works for All Things D, and is a Blockbuster shareholder. She was at the conference and was selected to check Mr. Ergen into the conference. It was kind of funny because I told her, if she got a chance to talk with Charlie, to tell him she didn't own Dish but was really into Blockbuster shares, just to see his reaction. He didn't even acknowledge the statement. But instead said something about her hair, and changed the subject. She said his reaction was no reaction, Good poker player.

      However, in light of the recent announcement that 'Blockbuster on Demand is Back', you would expect that some of those journalists that paid $5000 to attend would have asked him about the revival of BB on Demand. Nope, I watched the interview and not one question about the announcement. These journalists were apparently told that that subject was off limits. The extent of his comments regarding Blockbuster was that the FCC had fouled up his plans to stream movies by delaying his spectrum useage, and the stores were not really working out as he had planned. If I was him I wouldn't have liked answering questions about that web page either.

      Regardless, Charlie has a lot of his top people working on the on demand service, and the introduction of IPTV, and they are working out of LA, where Blockbuster has it's Digital Enclave, and has had for a long time.

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