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  • jerrynewburger jerrynewburger Jan 4, 2014 9:16 AM Flag


    i've posted before on "formats" in the past, ie in audio. now this is happening in wireless. if you look at the competing mobile trans systems, you should come across TDD-LTE. look at where and who is deploying. you will be surprised, i think. i've been accused of not contributing, lately. well, one reason is i can't, can i? i will be drowned out, or deleted, and so on. so don't blame me for the lack of high quality posting. i could easily go up about magnitude and give (for free i might add) what i see happening. but i'm not when i have to wade in muck, and then be said to be encouraging the muck, when i go up at it. so, i've given a hint here and it's how mobility is moving and the players. you all can google it yourselves. asymetric spectrum use. internationally who is. etc. and yes i think this is important to our shares as blockbuster only comes back when it provides mobile movies.

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    • from fierce cable: by steve donohue 1/8/14LAS VEGAS -- {"Dish Network has signed carriage deals with multiple programming suppliers that would allow for the distribution of live TV networks on an over-the-top video platform, CEO Joseph Clayton told FierceCable Wednesday.Clayton wouldn't name the media companies that have given Dish the green light to distribute their networks via the Internet, or quantify how many of the satellite TV provider's contracts include terms for virtual distribution. But he said the majority of programmers haven't agreed to over-the-top deals.
      "Some do. Some don't. Most of them don't," Clayton added during an interview at Dish's exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show.
      "These younger folks are not going to pay $100 a month for their content. They may pay $20 or $30. They're not going to watch 250 channels a year. They may watch 20 or 30, if that, and they're not going to watch it on a 60-inch, flat-panel display. They're going to watch it on their smartphone, their tablet, or their PC. I think all of us [pay TV providers] have an interest in that market segment," he added.
      Clayton also discussed Dish's broadband wireless tests and spectrum acquisitions, which he said are crucial in order for Dish to compete with cable operators and telcos.}

    • johnnyboi,
      no, i don't give advice! i post about what i'm doing, and what interests me. why do you post, ha ha?! thanks for worrying about my finances btw. you're a piece of work, i'll say that much.

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      • MR Gerry will you please answer the question I posed to you on the Mast thread:

        You said "DISH will put us back into chapter 11 is my bet"

        I asked: Why?

        Why would DISH put BB Liquidating back into Chapter 11? You have never been able to explain this or your L2 theory as to why ity has anything at all to do with BB Liquidating so here is a good way to explain your theory and your bet so potential investors can understand. TIA!

    • may be old news, but lots of ads now touting ATT + DirectV.

    • consolidation continues: tmobil buys from vz spectrum A vz bowing out now?....tmobile now to move to new format? ...who was the buyer for the l2 was it tomobil? and now.....are they out of buying the L2 and so the harbinger deal should fall out....?....

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      • Jerry .. many moving parts here and it's confusing .. my take is that the AWS spectrum is better for video ... VZ may not require that, isnt their 'video' world restricted to the kiosk and redbox? Tmob may be in bed with Dish/BB and have more need for on-demand service

        From Fiercewireless:
        In terms of its current LTE network, T-Mobile said it is deploying 10x10 MHz LTE in 43 of the top 50 metro areas and it is "commencing substantive deployments" of 20x20 MHz LTE in 2014. Wider channels typically support faster speeds and more capacity. T-Mobile said its LTE network currently covers around 209 million POPs in 273 metro areas, up from a previous coverage tally of 203 million POPs.

    • mobil video rentals over a hybrid system, using the TDD-LTE format. for our shares, the shell: nothing intrerestig legally= it's a shell, parked on a shelf. who can use it? DISH, Wal-mart possibly, mainly imo, and a few longshots. But DISH has been and is the most likely. Though a hedge fund could buy it from him and spin it off or just use the shell as way to launch it. The techinical needs are being met ie the spectrum, (mainly) and the device and chip problems. UV taking care of the piracy and studios and theater issues.

    • able1,
      thanks for encouragement~! looking at brazil, china, ?mexico now, and so on with TDD-LTE as the format. HTC phone is with the technology. sprint moving to this. I'm seeing a consolidation. imo still on track for DISH to acquire Lightsquared . That should be enough to start a newco blockbuster rollout this year. the theaters are on board with UV. a lot has been gelling, though it has been hard to see it. takes time. Hold.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Tell us Jerry, how using garbled techno babble to support every wrong theory you dream up is "high quality posting?" You don't wade in muck, you peddle it shamelessly. But none of your lemmings can match it for the value in impressive stupidity.
      So now you find this sole article about Dish doing a trial basis in Texas for the middle of the year as the newest idiot postulation for Blockbuster's resuscitation. The technology has been in development since 2007, and mostly in Aisa. Even the company says this is just “another option to customers with limited broadband access.” That hardly sounds revolutionary to me. Citing a second tier company in a nitch industry that is associated with a dead movie rental company is testing 7 year old technology mostly ignored by the major players is evidence only a mindless Long would accept as Jerry’s Gospel.
      I've often asked this before, Jerry, and you run from answering like a frightened school girl, but I will ask it again: Do you think the powers that be planned this earth shattering TDD-LTE technology when they formed the trust nearly 5 years ago and only now getting around to utilizing it? Honestly, this may be one of your lamest distressed gamble yet for Happy Talk. Sad, Jerry, sad.

    • Jerry,

      Very high quality posting!

      So Charlie bought DBSD Sattelite Toshiba a few years back and they had the patent on Asymetric Spectrum and now he plans on using this for our roll-out?

      Thanks for the heads up:)


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