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  • amat.judy amat.judy Dec 23, 2007 8:52 PM Flag

    Great company, but the stock is overvalued. Some thoughts...

    Hi!All the Nintendo companion�@with�@love.

    �@The stock prices transition of past Nintendo from the Christmas vicinity to the new year was considered beginning to think. It changes to the rise before Christmas, and the probability of going up is high at the new year though the conclusion is a short-term stock prices transition. History repeats itself.

    �@In�@2000�CThe probability is high though it is not possible never to say. The low price 16270 yen was changed to the rise in the bottom on Thursday, December 21, and well, it was 17,710 yen for the opening for end of the holiday week, December 25, and the high price on the same day was 18,200 yen . It rose to 19,300 yen on January 5, 2001. It was a high price 22,000 yen, and 23500 yen in January, 2002 in the new year on the low price 21,700 yen 2001 year on 21 Friday December and December 25.

    In�@2002,the low price 11070 yen on December 18 is rising converted to the bottom i. 12000 yen on December 26. 11890 yen was applied on January 7 in the new year 2003.

    2003 is exceptional somewhat, and the low price is 9250 yen on December 12 and December 18 is 9670 yen. It was a high price 10350 yen January 5, 2004.

    In�@2006�@last�@year, December 25 December (the low price 29,560 yen on the 22nd and the rest dawning) rose up to 30�D200 yen though it was assumed , because of the number of characters, and the beginning value on January 4, 2007 in the new year was 30900 yen, and 31,150 yen. The hedge from the closing of accounts measures and the investment trust bank thinks at the end of the year and the main cause and I think becoming even of 20 day of December fee cheapness, and the return in the bottom around of that to original rising wave motion.

    �@It is movement above caused by short-term to the end supply and demand at about Christmas. When it holds, and I make it to cheapness by the supply and demand factor, I am a purchase increase because I think the fundamental of Nintendo to be excellent.

    The reason to have paid attention to Nintendo in 1980's is that it was interested in the semiconductor.

    I want to consider BB RATIO of the semiconductor and the stock prices transition of Nintendo at the next chance.

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