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  • r0bdunlop r0bdunlop Jan 12, 2008 5:54 PM Flag

    Great company, but the stock is overvalued. Some thoughts...

    Agree - Nintendo has done great, but for those who want equity growth, it's time to move on. Sony looks quite tempting, however, and I also think it will do well this year. Everything is starting to come together - finally - for the PS3. The Bluray's success will help the hardware a lot, as people (like me) finally make an investment in HD movie tech.

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    • No one will buy blueray or HDDVD, the prices are too expensive, and by the time either format becomes cheap enough to be mainstream, direct movie downloads will be the next big thing which Sony will lose out because they put too much time on this stupid format war.

      PS3 is still a gaming machine and targetted towards hardcore gamers, the library of games is still weark. Sony said they might start seeing profits from PS3 this year. That's not a success story for me.

      On the other hand, Nintendo library is getting better and better, WiiFit has become a huge success in japan and that sucess will be emulated elsewhere in the world. Wii production issues will only improve and DS is still selling like crazy, and so are its software sales. Let's not forget that Nintendo will enter China and South Korea this year!

      I find absolutely no reason to sell NTDOY and buy Sony, actually that's a dumb move. Sony is fighting a losing battle against Microsoft, while Nintendo is expanding the industry and growth matters more in tech stocks than anything else.

      The whole idea of selling a stock because it reaches a certain price is really stupid, I am pretty sure you are one of those guys that would have sold google at 100$.

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      • Reply to off-topic tangent: Sony and Toshiba already realize lower prices are needed to get traction in high-def discs. Maybe that's why after Xmas Best Buy sold BDP-S300's for $300 and HD-A30's for $250. As now that the format battle is heading into the final year(s), Toshiba dropped HD-A30's to $200 (and there's even a cheaper model, too). If the Sony player dropped below $300, it wouldn't surprise me if this were getting close to Sony's cost.

        On-topic: Anyone notice this article?
        "Japanese Sales: Nintendo Starts 2008 with 41 Out of Top 50!"!
        "1/12/08 .... The Media Create data for the first week of 2008 is now out, showing that not only did Nintendo claim the entire Top 10 listing, but managed to grab a whopping 41 places out of the Top 50, as well as topping the hardware list with the Nintendo DS!"

        Nintendo platforms' popularity in Japan seems strong and healthy.

      • delvin, if not stock price, what factors should we consider when we sell?

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