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  • sql1433 sql1433 Jan 29, 2008 11:59 AM Flag

    VII is dominating China

    How will the wii compete with vii base already. How cheap can the wii be, the wii is low as it is, I dont see that much margin to compete with vii. jmho.

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    • After scanning this thread it's apparent that sql1433 is missing a major point and twisting another one.

      1) "Potential Slowdown"- Even "if" Wii sales slowed it wouldn't make the stock overvalued. A slowing would still mean it was most likely selling as many units as the 360 or PS3 and there's "no denying" that the other two consoles will NEVER get to the installed base that the Wii will have. Once the consoles are in the market guess what?... People buy games for it (what an astonishing concept...) Have you even "looked" at the game sales charts to see who has the most games selling?

      2) Console margins. LOL! For someone who is touting the PS3 (a unit that had to sell at a "LOSS" for a long time just to get people to buy it) to be talking about the Wii having a shrinking of margins is truly hilarious. Seriously, that's your argument? Seriously?... Again, huge console base = huge game sales. BTW, the games that ntdoy make cost way less to produce than the ones Sony or msft make so game production costs are a fraction of what they are for the other companies.

      The stock is not a sell at these prices for sure. GL with your flawed comparisons...


    • If you are expecting the wii to be a big hit in china, do you think the wii will sell for the same monetary price like in the national region?

      If not the margin profit of each console will be so minute, high numbers of consoled won’t be justified but a stalemate like HD DVD efforts. You praise the wii console in numbers (old news) like some booming sound in the sky, your arms wide open to the sky to promise land. But, what you are not accepting (don’t see cuz of blinders) there is no new developments to maintain the interest for consumers to keep playing the wii console, majority of the wii is collecting dust, though the DS may do well in China because of low overhead to make, the wii not.. So what good are numbers, when there is nothing new for wii. As for the PS3 you continue to bash, you don’t read new developments for the PS3 that continues to keeps its user base entertained while it’s PSN is making lateral revenue, the wii not. If your read the over valued on this board, one already said, “The wii is a toy, a merely Tickle Me elmo.” A fad I agree. Good luck friend.

    • This Vii no CD_ROM driver, no USB, no ....

      You can only play with the games come with the ROM.

      Did you open a Wii before? You should watch any video on
      how to open a Wii.

      I called one of my friend, he said he saw this Vii a few
      months ago in a Chinese Wii Forum, they were making fun
      of that.

    • Ha ha ha!!!!

      Did u watch the second Video?
      Guess you do not understand Chinese????

      It's so funny!!!!!
      It's making fun of Vii joke.

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