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  • wenlijin wenlijin Jan 30, 2008 11:32 PM Flag

    Nintendo's brand awareness (in China)

    Everybody know Nintendo have a very strong brand in Japan, North America and Europe, but few people know how strong
    their brand in China.

    Some people may argue that NINTENDO may not even have strong
    brand in N/A and Europe,but I know the first major native
    App for iPhone is NES. And the demo game ROM on it is Mario!
    I have to admit it's hard to play though. :-)

    The first time I heard of Nintendo when I was in
    high school. ( Late 80s In China. ) Before I know Coca,
    NBA, Stock, Ford and many others.

    My brother-in-law bought a red/white box from Shen Zhen
    (a city 60 KM from Hong Kong.) He paid 200 yuan for it.
    (1 USD = 4 yuan back then, guess how much average Chinese
    make per month at that time?) So anyone say NINTENDO
    can't sell $250 USD Wii in China need to think again.
    (They may sell cheaper like in Japan if they do not include
    Wii sports.)

    We were crazy about it, and Super Mario, Tank, Tetris, etc.
    That Small red/white box was a huge success in China, almost
    every boy played games on it.Do not just take my words, ask

    NINTENDO is a gaming company survive and thrive for more
    than 2 decades, I'd like to hold another 20 years and see
    how they will stand.

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