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  • pschkqitzsough pschkqitzsough Feb 13, 2008 11:11 AM Flag

    SSBB Sells A Million, Becomes the Fastest Selling Wii Game


    "Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a super smash hit in Japan. When it went on sale, the game sold out at loads of Tokyo game shops, and in the last two weeks, the title has shifted a million copies. It took Wii Fit seven weeks to hit a million copies sold, and it took Wii Sports eleven weeks to hit that milestone. That makes Super Smash Bros. Brawl the fastest selling Wii game, which should make Nintendo very, very happy."

    The game is only available in Japan and it has just become the fastest selling Wii game ever. Just wait til this baby goes global...

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    • Have a Wii but don't have much time to play. Paper Mario and Resident Evil 3 are still unopened up from Christmas. I've enjoyed a casual play of Guitar Hero, Raymond's Rabbits (1) and Zelda.

      I used a 5 year olds DS and was very impressed. I had one of the original gameboys with a clip on light. I think the game was Lego War or something.

      I've got an IT guy and an IT intern from the local college working for me who keep me up to speed on popular games, the different platforms and their view of the gaming consoles from a gamers perspective. Obviously I have little knowledge as to what game will be big or plays well.

      I can say, since Wii Sports is a big hit then Wii Fit and the following games should be huge. I'm probably going to use its sales as a barometer as to the health of Nintendo's customer growth (the gamers will be there regardless). I'd like to see a deeper penetration into different age groups from the standard 16-30 age class. Deeper penetration leads to better long term growth (on many levels).

      Old school games with ease of playing for the retirement crowd. Chess, golf, tennis, shuffleboard, all with a twist would be pretty good.

      Educational based games for the 8 years or younger would bring in a different group of buyers. . .

      boot, knee, elbow and hand sensors for the soccer mom's (exercise based games), hell they could then do karate lessons or some sort of physical based instructional games.

      It's only a matter of time before Sony and Microsoft come out with a me too version of the Wii.

    • This is a fun thread. Penhead has admitted that he was wrong on this one. Great. It's important now that you get back into video games Penhead, especially if you remain an investor in this industry. I recommend a Nintendo DS for getting your feet wet.

    • "And by the way, Pen, it's "in vino veritas" not "in vito veritas". Lemme guess, Latin AND Electronic Art major?"

      Not sure why I would need an electronic art major to read a balance sheet or speak Latin for that matter?

      I didn't take Latin in school however "in vino veritas" is correct dumbass. Puxe a inicialização fora da sua bunda.

      I took a couple years of Portuguese and can call you an idiot, dumbass or punk any way you prefer moron.

      While I enjoy seeing SSMB sell gangbusters; Mario Kart and the other hardcore games I would imagine will also sell well for the Wii. I would like to see Nintendo continue to expand the user base. Sales for the Wii Fit and similar products are much more interesting to me.

      How many new users will purchase the Wii Fit to lose weight? (or even think they can lose weight).
      How much can Nintendo penetrate the over 50 age group?
      How many paying online users can Nintendo sign up? (again. . .age, time online, number of games purchased. . .outside of the traditional hardcore gamer).

      The games sales will follow the expanded user base. How can Nintendo continue to grow. . .will they continue the fantastic pace. . .how much longer?

      I'll bet I could take you down with Raiden. . .back, back forward or down, down up use to tear some people up back in 1992. That is the kind of conversation you are looking for, tool boy, isn't it? Putz.

    • Fair enough man
      i went back to posts that i should have read before hand and pretty much determined that.

      besides it's Mortal (K)ombat. ;)

    • Smash Bros began a following on the Nintendo 64, a long time ago, and has been building for a while. An obvious hit. Just wait for those low estimates on Mario Kart. Fanbase for the Wii is huge, and Gamecube Mario Kart sucked, so expect Wii Mario Kart to be a hit as well.

      And by the way, Pen, it's "in vino veritas" not "in vito veritas". Lemme guess, Latin AND Electronic Art major? I know the latter is true because you said SSMB would choke in the US.

    • Point taken Nerazz. . .

      I'm far from a hardcore gamer. Last figher game I played was the original Mortal Combat.

    • and apologies for the typos.

    • ""My admitted mistake of assuming weaker than expected SSMB sales is true. I admitted the short sight and was corrected. I was long NTDOY before the release of the game for many reasons; good numbers simply add to my conviction. You're asinine point is? what? because I didn't think a button masher game would sell 10 million copies I'm ignorant? Damn you're dumb""

      yes, actually. it's ignorance on 2 parts.
      All you have to do is look to SSBM (super smash bros melee) a game that outsold the original Halo, and on a console with a smaller userbase.(gamecube)

      listen, if you were a gamer, you'd realize that brawl has pretty much everything going for it. Past performance in the franchise, huge fanbase on the top selling console of the generation, the biggest fan service EVER on a disk. That's aside from the mere presence of gaming icons such as mario, link, samus and pikachu, and third party characters such as sonic and snake that alone represent huge fanbases.

      But taht's just the beginning. You calim that the game is a button masher; any self respecting agmer with a clue of what he / she is talking about likey just added you on ignore.

      That's the beauty of the smash series. It's very accessible, but also has a very hardcore following of competitive players the likes of which are as competitive if not MORE than say, street fighter fans.

      There are regional tourneys weekly and monthly, tehre are very very advanced techniques taht any first comer can't even dream of pulling off, and it's the only fighter out there where a pro will NEVER lose to someone with less skill.

      I'll throw you a bone, maybe your not a gamer and this ignorance is jsut stemming from the general perception of brawl being a party fighter. But if you are a gamer, shame on you for even considering it to be a button masher when in fact it's the least button mashing friendly fighter there is.

      to get enlightened:
      take your arguments there.

    • Jpartrigefamily: "You had no basis in reality for your opinions... " REALLY Mr. Obvious? Can your astute powers work on other Obvious calls?

      My original post:

      "I see it as more or less a Japanese phenom. I hope it's as big everywhere however a button mashing cartoon fighting game (IMO) just isn't as mass appealing as it is in King Kong land."

      The "I SEE IT" or IMO, while proving to be completely wrong, are simply opinion. WTF? I think Bush is an idiot. I think the Feds shouldn't cut rates. Wrong or right it's opinion and is stated likewise.

      Here is a game analyst's take prediction (from PIppy):

      At the time I didn't think it would do as well in the states. Yes putz, I was incorrect about SSMB for the umpteenth time. Glad to hear the peanut gallery toss in their worthless opinion and rehash the obvious.

    • Penhead -

      You had no basis in reality for your opinions...
      Your projections for SSBB sales were based on little more than a 'gut' feeling...

      And for that, yes - I think you both were (and ARE) a MORON.

      SSBM was a huge hit for a reason for the Gamecube. A monkey would have realized SSBB for Wii was thus likely to a success as well.

      For some mystical reason, you argued otherwise. You were wrong... At least you can admit this.

      But didn't you notice that you were basically the only one on the planet claiming SSBB would do poorly?

      Any lesson to learn from that??

      I've maintained SSBB would outsell Halo 3.

      I still stick to that claim.

      Mario Kart and Wii Fit will also be big winners for Nintendo... Not as big as SSBM, but big nonetheless...

      P.S. No need to respond to this post - you're an a*hole and I too have put you on IGNORE. Good luck pal. Hope you're short NTDOY into the next earnings report.

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