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  • xrunner_77 xrunner_77 Feb 23, 2008 1:35 AM Flag

    they still think it's a fad, thank goodness

    He holds back in the article, but lets us know what he (and many others) really thinks in the comments:

    "Today's Wii is tomorrow's paper weight for casual gamers, who aren't reliable return buyers the way core gamers are. Don't mistake the Wii's success for the dawn of some new era, in other words, where everyone (who wouldn't have before) starts sitting home playing video games round the clock."

    Thank goodness this mindset is still prevalent, because it means that, if they are wrong, there is still much value in this stock yet to unlock. I feel that the real sea change in gaming is only starting to unfold, with Nintendo both creating, and riding, the wave.

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    • ha ha ha. Only 3 weeks ago, this "doesn't get it" anti-wii blogger wrote

      "...with Nintendo's feeble first party 2008 lineup, its thoroughly unexciting list of third party titles, and comparing that all to Microsoft's own absolutely marquee lineup, I think we may look back on or around June 2008 as the point at which -- inversely -- Microsoft's Xbox 360 finally pulled away from the Wii."

      Now he's already hedging...

      "- Go Nintendo? I keep expecting Nintendo's boat to hit shallow water, but once again I'm eating my words and predictions. What's more, expect those numbers to go ballistic in March and April, between Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii."

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      • I think most people miss the point on the wii. It's a revolutionary console that happens to play games.
        Warm winter climates don't worry about this but cold winter climates can use an entertaintment source and an exercise source; the wii can provide both.

        If Nintendo has some foresight, they will incorporate the wii into exercise machines (such as elipitical, treadmill, cross country trainer, etc) to provide a true virtual reality environment for exercise.

    • COME on now Pippy. . .last time.

      You said, "a new console in 1 year wasn't dumb? 1 year - 10 years. . .hmmmmm I sense a facetious statement. ."

      No one said that... (technically since it's in quotes, I stated it) however to your point,

      THE VERY FIRST POST IN THE THREAD SAID THAT!!!!! A console change is the definition of what was stated and started your moronic babble, Virtual Reality, new processor. . . Just b/c idiot girl said it would be a "model change" is lack of your reading the post.


      You babbled about analyst making predictions. Hell, if you believe what is said then you'll always be in the dark. .

      Do you think his logic is even feasible? SSD would cost a fortune. . .even in 2010 unless they hit 32bit or >. HAMR technology is still a dream (Ask Seagate). So how does Phil Harrison plan on making his pipe dream become a reality. HMMMMMMMMM, that's why it's a speculative pipe dream. Based on your logic you expect the same ole, same ole from Sony with a faster processor and better graphics.
      I'd put money on it that they try to emulate Nintendo's success and one up them. A force feedback type console / model with their current system.

      Is that a new model or a new console or a new system dumbass? You think they would call it PS3VR or PS4. . .DOES IT MATTER since it isn't reality?

    • Pippy please learn to read. . .the thread started with board moron Ellen:

      "I think that Nintendo will bring out a new Wii model in 2009. The current model will support streaming video, but better video HW capability would be a nice feature, and the processor could use a kick too. "

      You predicted "Many analysts are predicting Nintendo will break tradition and bring a new console to the market before the end of the normal 5 year cycle. Maybe a year or two early."

      And were quickly corrected by manicdevlin and schreige.

      Suck it up putz. Blame it on the analyst who are consistently incorrect or whoever else you feel misled you.

      The day I start complaining NTDOY can't keep up with demand will be the day I start selling. Again. . HOOKED ON PHONICS chief. The kid on the commercial said it worked for him. I'm sure it'll work for you too.

    • Come on Pippy. . .

      Schreige hit it on the money. "Personally i think they will be expanding in the arena of new peripherals (Wii Fit, Guitar Hero, Rock Band). . .Aside from that, the DS is probably up next for some sort of new design to come out. "

      from you Pippy:
      "Why do you constantly complain about Wii selling faster than any console in gaming history?"

      If you can show me where I'm complaining. . .well you can't so I'd recommend hooked on phonics.
      I'm long NTDOY and have been for a while. I don't care if they can't meet demand for 10 years (That's sarcasm moron) as long as EPS #'s keep ratcheting up I'm lovin' it.

      "To say Nintendo may not make another console for 10 years is the dumbest thing anyone has ever said on this bored"

      . . .a new console in 1 year wasn't dumb? 1 year - 10 years. . .hmmmmm I sense a facetious statement. . .nahh, just you whining as usual Pippy.

    • While I don't agree that they are going to bring out an upgraded Wii with a faster processor (what good is that faster processor, games will still have to support the older Wii's) they could potentially have a motherboard upgrade similar to XBox360 and Sony do, primarily for the lower heat and thus lower cost required to produce the unit.

      Video streaming and such as an upgrade, again is just a software upgrade.

      Personally i think they will be expanding in the arena of new peripherals (Wii Fit, Guitar Hero, Rock Band) have demonstrated users will pay for them, and it is a relatively untapped market. Hell, some company is releasing a unit which lets you control aspects of a game through a fricken thought helmet.

      Aside from that, the DS is probably up next for some sort of new design to come out.

      Lastly, if anyone thinks Nintendo is NOT already working on their next gen console than they are being naive. The next gen Wii was probably started (at least from the conceptional point) last year. Just like the XBox3 is in the works, and just like the PS4 is in the works.

    • "Many analysts are predicting Nintendo will break tradition and bring a new console to the market before the end of the normal 5 year cycle. Maybe a year or two early. "

      Glad to see board moron Ellen and pipsqueak looking forward to the next gen console. . .how about they make enough of Wii's and Wii Fit to meet demand?
      MY prediction is. . .they don't look to do a damn thing until there are Wii's sitting on shelves across the globe. 1 year or 10 years.

    • Fad is apparent as timothytripp responded, people already know it's a one time hit and as for this stock price, it's incredible, short.

      Totally agree. I think both the 360 and the PS3 (I own all 3 systems) will pull away from the Wii this year. My Wii just can't compete with the other two systems already, in spite of the admitedly excellent looking Smash Brothers about to come out, the games on the Wii all seem superficial, something my 6 year old daughter enjoys for 20 minutes or so but my teenage sons and I get bored with quickly. Even Zelda Twilight Princess has never been finished by any of us since we all got bored with the lather-rinse-repeat heavily Japanese story and repetitive combat. It's good, but can't hold up against BioShock, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, Burnout Paradise, and the list just keeps growing! I like Mario as much as the next person but there's just no innovation from Nintendo beyond the basic controller (and honestly, I'm getting tired of shaking the Wii-mote to spin attack... It just gets old really quickly).

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