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  • sql1433 sql1433 Feb 29, 2008 11:13 PM Flag

    Wii Owners Will Look to Purchase PS3, says iSuppli

    Sony's key growth may come not only from its PS2 installed base upgrading to PS3, but also from millions of Wii owners looking for a second console, according to iSuppli, which called 2008 a "turning year" for PS3.

    Research firm iSuppli, who forecast earlier this month that Sony's PlayStation 3 would eek out a victory in the console war by 2011, has told Reuters that 2008 will be a "turning year" for the PS3. "Sony is offering a better forthcoming software pipeline with blockbuster titles like Gran Turismo 5, which will boost PS3 sales this year," said iSuppli analyst Pamela Tufegdzic.

    Importantly, Tufegdzic is looking at Nintendo's Wii audience as a driver of PS3 sales. She believes Sony will drop the price on its console enticing Wii owners to finally get a second, more powerful system. "We anticipate Sony will have another price slash on the PS3 this year, and come Christmas, consumers who originally bought the Wii will likely purchase the PS3," Tufegdzic said. "The battle over consoles ultimately boils down to price."

    Another strong point for the PS3 of course will be its Blu-ray victory over HD DVD. As more consumers upgrade to HDTV and HD movies, there's a good chance they could look to the PS3 as their first Blu-ray player. "People may buy the PS3 not only for their gaming needs, but for video as well, which gives the PS3 a unique competitive edge over the Wii and Xbox 360 well into the longer term," Tufegdzic noted.

    With the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4 launching on June 12, along with a new hardware bundle including the game and a DualShock 3 controller, the PS3 could have a strong summer. Konami Digital Entertainment CEO Kazumi Kitaue likened the release of MGS4 to a Hollywood summer blockbuster, and you can bet that Sony has high hopes that Solid Snake will do for PS3 what Master Chief and Halo have done for Microsoft's Xbox 360.
    Posted by James Brightman on Friday, February 29, 2008
    Game Daily

    It was only a matter of time, hands down for pschkqitzs, he own one of my gold stocks AUY... Advise, Sony is great buy!

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    • "I had a feeling you just made those numbers up.
      Looks like I was right.. "

      Pippy, it's laughable for you to think you've been correct about anything today.

      For you to even think 566,000 was the global Wii's sold in a month show what a dumbass you are. Hell, an AP report last week stated Wiis sold 3:1 to PS3's. A half wit as yourself could at least come up with a better guess than 566,000.

      Wiis in America 480,000 (Jan)
      Wiis in America 561,000 (Feb)

    • Well, I think given the fact 577,000 sold worldwide in one week in January (your data)...we're looking at just about ALL of the Wiis being sold that are being produced. The first week probably sold more than subsequent weeks so I would guess about 1.7 million give or take a couple hundred thousand.

      Anecdotally, I work in tech support with some gaming geeky doods and they love the Wii. I don't see this as a fad at all. SuperSmash and Wii Fit here we come!

    • "You forgot the link. Or at least tell us what your source is please"

      I've got a network of Walmart greeters who report Wii sales weekly. You can't get anything past those guys. Actually, Mr. Miyagi told me. . .

    • "No they aren't! You haven't given any numbers or this conversation might not have been beaten to death for so long. No one has given global monthly sales for NTDOY that I've seen. I even for someone to post them if they have them, but you couldn't come up with anything."

      Calm down Pippy and dot forget to STFU. Your whining is pathetic.

    • January Wii sales 1,640,000
      January DS sales 2,175,694

      Feb Wii 1,006,041
      Feb DS 1,255,654

      A quick stock check would be to go to Ebay. IF they are selling for the actual list price then you can start worrying. If not then the basic supply and demand theory is shot. Production = sales. Just be assured, Nintendo doesn't have a million Wii's sitting in a warehouse because they are afraid of a currency issue.

      Come on PIPPY, quit staring at your PC and wake up.

    • Pippy. . .REALLY? You answer your own question. Base your statements on false data the start asking questions?

      You stated:
      "OK Wii fit will bring more console sales I can agree with that"
      "What is really going to boost sales will be a release to S. Korea and China"

      In the same breath you uttered:
      "but sales globally are nowhere near production" HMMMMMMM????

      " over 1.5MM more Wiis were produced than sold in Jan"

      Flat out and blatently wrong.

      "Sales are increasing in Feb., but are nowhere near 1.8MM. "

      REALLY? My numbers are quite the contrary.

      "The least you could do is give us YOUR explanation for why there are no Wii's in stock in the US, but there were over 1.5MM consoles produced that were not sold last month.."

      I may not know the absolute truth however I can say there are not 1.5MM consoles in inventory.

      "Buy some gold stocks (AUY specifically) the gains may lighten up your mood a bit as you seem to be really tense"

      I was ultrashort the russel 2000 for a little over a week and closed the position yesterday. I have some exposure to gold as a hedge against the dollar however it's irrelevant to NTDOY.

      "You say my assumptions is dumb, but you offer no other explanation. You just say it's a bad assumption and then go on to say they will beat earnings..... "

      Your assumptions are dumb because they are based on flawed logic and flawed data. Should I have said idiotic or stupid assumptions?

      Yes, I did say they will beat earnings based on current software and hardware sales. They will also revise foward EPS. I am not assuming putz.

      "I'd hate to talk politics with you" just as I would with you. Incorrect facts usually lead to poor judgement.

    • "OK I give up. The 566,000 supposedly was for one week (the first week in Jan). "

      DING, DING, DING. . .

      1) your numbers are wrong.

      Wrong numbers = wrong assumptions.

    • There are no Wii in stock in the US because the clerks at the stores know they can pop a Wii on ebay for a $150 profit. I am the person who suggested that Nintendo pre-sold most of the January production as rain-checks in December, because they said they did.
      I am not being hostile, gold might be the best thing to buy.
      If I was being hostile I would call you a 'LOL slut' or something like that. I just don't think you have your numbers straight. In a few days the global console sales number will be out, and that will settle that.

    • Your data is flawed. You're comparing total Wii production with sales in the U.S. You still cannot get a Wii in the US without 'stalking' a retailer. Why not do more research and find Worldwide Wii sales? I bet they sold all of em and increasing production IS warranted if they so desire.

    • they are sitting in a wharehouse in the seattle area awaiting a shining smiling good boy or girl.Santa will be no grinch this season.nintendo is very sorry about their marketing failure last christmas.files-aimee go braugh.

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