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  • nt_doy nt_doy Mar 9, 2008 5:59 PM Flag

    another big drop coming today?

    dollar is expected to keep gaining and that means pain for nintendo.

    us markets closed ugly on friday and that means pain for japanese market.

    double pain!!

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    • Are you trying to get in cheap? I don't believe NTDOY can be sold short, but I may be mistaken.....if I am, are you short? Just trying to ascertain what your motivations might be by trying to bring this thing down. Judging by the lines I saw outside of Gamestop last night, I venture to think that the SSBB launch went well. The dollar may continue to tank, but this company has a boatload of catalysts coming up that can serve to offset some of the market risk. Do you have anything negative to say about the dividend that is going to be paid out in a few weeks? I believe the estimated dividend per Nintendo is 1150 yen, which equates to about $10/share in Japan. Thanks in advance for your response.

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      • Maybe you know this, but one share of Nintendo in Japan (7974) is equal to eight shares of NTDOY. This reduces the yield to about 1 or 2%, which is not bad, but is not a decision maker either. If you accept an EPS of 2.225,4 yen and a share price of 60.000 yen the P/E comes out around 27, which is rich in the current market, unless you expect growth to continue as it has in 2009. I am holding shares of NTDOY. The banks that issue NTDOY do not allow retail investors to short them.

      • I would be very surprised if a multi-national company like nintendo hasn't hedged against the rising Yen.

        Forget the currency fluctuations, the only thing important are the sales, and Nintendo sales are only getting better and better.

        This is a 100$+ stock, if it weren't for the subprime mess, we would be there by now.

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