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    • Can you both shut up? Get rid of that built up frustration with an enema, or go outside and try speed walking, I bet it's a nice day out there.

    • Pippy,

      Wrong again pipsqueek. . . do you tie your shoes by yourself in the morning?

      "which is why I was proposing as a POSSIBILITY that US sales were going down fast"

      Where are you seeing the US sales are going down "fast"? They Wii's have been sold out in the states for over a year. Now sales are going down fast? NTDOY is shipping units to areas with better exchange rates yes. . .that doesn't equate to "US sales going down fast". Come on dumbass.

      "while production was being increased and Wiis remained sold out in the states."

      How much do you think it matters where the units are sold. NTDOY is selling 1.8 million Wiis a month. The larger the console base the better long term sales will be.
      Again, you are trying to argue a idiotic point. You can't get the sales numbers correct.

      I ask. . .WHAT IS YOUR POINT moron?

      "There ya go little buddy do you understand now?"

      I know you post as if you have a simblance of understanding yet 1) can't get your facts straight and 2) seem bent on being stupid. Simply admit your an idiot and move on.

      (You've responded to about every post I've made in the last two weeks. To believe you have ever placed me on ignore is ridiculous. I believe that makes you a liar as well as an idiot. Proven with your buy / sell. I bought calls. Guess what, no one gives a damn. Again idiot boy get a grip, it's a message board.)

    • Pippy,

      What you have copied and pasted multiple times states something different that what your are now claiming?

      "My guess is Nintendo is not very happy about sending consoles to the U.S. where the dollar value is falling rapidly." you re posted it yesterday.

      Is now:

      "My point was not that they are *unahappy* about selling in the US period."

      Whoops, should have said that in the beginning. I'm not a mind reader Pippy.

      The one thing you consistently are is wrong. . .that has earned you the idiot badge. Wear it with pride moron.

    • I would change the topic and subject too.

      Skim this. . .*YOU ARE AN IDIOT.*

      You brought up global sales. (Incorrect at that).
      You brought up Wii production.
      You are quoteing out of context.

      Deny what ever you want. . .change the subject. You can't be any more wrong.

      OHHHHH, that's right. I'm on ignore again. . .sure thing dumbass.

    • Dumbass. . .it's still a piss poor assumption.

      Why would they be dissappointed about making money? Sony and Microsoft are selling consoles at a loss in an attempt to make money on the back end. Nintendo is making money on every console sold. So as usual, YES it is a piss poor assumption. Nintendo is F#$#@king giddy about every console that is sold.
      WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND. If you mean something different say it. . .you are assuming you said something different.

      Yes, you are still an idiot and a dumbass anyway you look at it. 1) you can't reason. 110,000 console sales in a week is simply stupid, yet you post it.
      This is the second time you have made absolutly, completly incorrect statements regarding console sales.

      2) you're arguing a ridiculous point. What you said and what you are trying to say are two different things. HENCE, you're making a PISS POOR assumption.

      3) you preach to put me on ignore, claim to have done it yourself, post numerous times to others to ignore me then can't make up your mind. . .yes, you are an idiot.

      "My guess is Nintendo is not very happy about sending consoles to the U.S. where the dollar value is falling rapidly."
      WRONG, they are happy to send millions of consoles to the US. They make money on every one of them (not to even go into software and accessories)

      "They make less money in the U.S. than in any other country in the world and the dollar continues to fall rapidly even today."
      So what is your point? They are still going to saturate the US with consoles? Do you think they are going to simply quit shipping them because their margins arn't as high? REALLY DUMBASS?

      Nintendo will sell Wii's to the US market at cost to make money on the backend. The beauty of the Wii is that they are making money on all hardware sales. They are VERY happy to sell consoles. . .even in the US.

    • Nintendo is building 1.8 million Wii per month, while shipping out only 1.3 million. They are stockpiling 500 thousand Wii per month. The SSBB launch has been adversely affected by Nintendo's decision to continue to starve the US market of units during this period.

      Leading speculations about the purpose of the 500k/month stockpile are 1) Shipping only enough units to meet annual targets while saving the remainder for next fiscal year starting April, 2) China launch support, 3) Wii Fit launch support, and 4) Flood of Wii units to spoil GTA4 launch.

    • By the way Manic, if 7974.os hits its high of 72000/share, NTDOY would be driven to around $90 a share (up from 7715 in November). If the dollar manages to stumble to 91 yen/USD NTDOY would hit the $100 pps you predicted. Given the article you posted, and the still plunging USD, are you moving your projeciton up?

      • 1 Reply to ellensprophet
      • I am keeping the same projection, Nintendo has been performing very well in sales, it's now time for the stock to play catch up and I am betting the stock will start rising after fiscal end earnings, not necessarily on the earnings itself, since the whole world knows its going to be good, but rather to prove investors that even with the rising Yen, Nintendo can still outperform... It's going to be a wonderful summer, wait and see.

    • If the article is correct, then Nintendo earnings have not been strongly impacted by the weak dollar because Nintendo simply redirected shipments of Wii from NA to Europe to maintain earnings. Too bad that Nintendo does not communicate with investors the way softie and sony do.

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