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  • jpsartrean jpsartrean Apr 24, 2008 3:55 AM Flag

    Results... wtf!?!??

    Somehow appears large LOSSES for the final quarter????


    Am I comparing the PDF releases incorrectly!?!??

    Sure hope so because these numbers look wretched to me... f*cking wonderful...

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    • Actually... that remote possibility just rung a most akward bell. I'm tempted to give them one or two years; if the Chinese fakes can do it in months, so can companies that literally bury their problems with money... and given Sony's customer pleasing debut and Microsoft's ring of death on 1/3 of all consoles produced, it seems that they do not have a problem with pissing anyone off, or rushing the job.
      Nintendo should focus more on online play and branding/boasting "Quality", depending on wether they want to piss off their competitors discretely or out loud. My 2 cents, please continue arguing aggresively amongst yourselves.

    • Sell Nintendo because of higher plastic costs... is that your argument?!?!?!?

      Most RETARDED thing I've read on Yahoo stock boards in quite awhile - and that is saying A LOT.

      Maybe what - $4 (at most) of plastic in a Wii?!!?!?

      For a $250 console, trust me - the rising cost of plastic is of VERY little concern.

      Thanks for the laugh though - it was a good one...

    • "Fundamentals are strong for Nintendo, but gaming is a cyclical industry and Nintendo has forced MSFT and SNE to start planning the next cycle early. Looking down the road, by the time Nintendo gets out from under the US downturn, other companies will start to push into the market it has discovered."

      REALLY? Do you really believe this? SNE just released the PS3. . .are they simply going to can it or come out with a me too, half ass accessory to be like the Wii? Come on Ellen.
      WiiFit hasn't hit, sales for DS and Wii haven’t peaked yet, new markets are on the horizon for Wii release, and revenue from game sales haven’t really even started.

      The "other companies" pushing into the Wii's market will first be accessories to the Wii. . . why not tap into the existing market base? How many ipod accessories are there? How successful has Softie's Zune been? How popular are other MP3 players. . .? Sure they each have their followers but the king is Apple.
      NTDOY has changed the casual gamer, penetrated into numerous markets (the furniture market has relaxation rooms with Wii's to play, cruise ships have rooms set up with Wii's, retirement centers are setting up Wii's. . .WiiFit will broach yet another segment of the casual gamers.)

      In your opinion the stock is fairly priced. You have over half a million invested in it and you have no idea the obvious future of the company.

      Exchange rates will always be a factor. Fundamentally the company is very strong and has a minimum of one more very strong quarter to make new highs.

      Will the stock actually reflect the value the company represents? Who knows. I feel energy is tipsy where it is and due for a correction, financial are still a ticking time bomb, real estate is self explanatory with recent headlines, treasuries are quite weak at the moment. . .NTDOY isn't too bad a place to be. I wouldn't bank on $100 soon however $80.00 looks reasonable.

      Reading some SNE freak’s soliloquy on the fall of NTDOY is simply laughable at the moment.

    • Start planning the next cycle?? We just begun this cycle, unless MSFT and SNE want to commit suicide by alienating present third party developpers by introducing new hardware within a year or two and start losing money again on development & manufacturing costs and pissing off millions of gamers there is no way anything is being planned at this stage.



    • Fundamentals are strong for Nintendo, but gaming is a cyclical industry and Nintendo has forced MSFT and SNE to start planning the next cycle early. Looking down the road, by the time Nintendo gets out from under the US downturn, other companies will start to push into the market it has discovered. Then the next console wars will start. The stock is fairly priced IMHO. In the mean time, who know what will happen?

    • OK, thanks.

    • There is no pre-market for NTDOY for retail investors. I just posted a sell a buck and a half under the closing price. It would have been nice to get yesterday's closing price, but that was yesterday. Nintendo is a great company, but market factors are in control right now.

    • Sell now and buy back at 55. The only was the yen will slide is if the Japanese stop being xenophobic. The only was the dollar will recover is if oil drops to $40 a barrel.

    • Whew... those of us holding large positions* can breath a little easier as the stock is down only 0.5% in Osaka. I was bracing myself for 10%.

      In addition to fundamentals pointed out by manicdevlin, I think one reason we are not seeing the bottom drop out is that institutions already did their dumping a few months back.

      *I sold 12% this morning, but still have a very large position relative to net worth.

    • No kidding. NTDOY and SNE did the exact opposite of what SQL said. SNE went to $40 and NTDOY went to $70.

      So if he says sell, you should probably buy.

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