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  • ellensprophet ellensprophet Apr 26, 2008 12:35 PM Flag

    MSFT buyout of Nintendo next?

    Just to rial up the trolls, think if Yahoo jilts Softie, Softie will come sniffing around Nintendo? Would that explain why the Xbox does not need a stinking blue ray drive? Maybe the Yahoo bid was just a tactic to give Ballmer time a to put on a few more pounds? Maybe Ballmer needs that sumo wrestler look to coax the Nintendo board? As the Xbox over heat, Softie could replace them with a *black* Wii? Eh?

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    • One question is all that needs to be asked to judge the true strength of the systems: which console did Tony Stark own in "Iron Man"? That's right, the Wii.

    • It would be news if Nintendo did NOT bring out a smash hit.

    • Correct and incorrect board idiot. . ."Today 7974 is down 19% from its 52 week high. Even with great sales Nintendo's stock has stopped surging"

      Keep your eye on the strength of the dollar. Our piss poor currency has been fully accounted for in the next quarters earnings.

    • Amazon best selling video game products:
      1. Wii Fit Preorder
      2. Mario Kart Wii
      3. Wii Wheel
      4. GTA4 360
      5. GTA4 PS3

      1. Geez, Wii Fit's looking hot
      2. Maybe core gamers look more to Gamestop et al rather than Amazon for GTA4 type games.
      3. Wii Fit! *_*

    • Today 7974 is down 19% from its 52 week high. Even with great sales Nintendo's stock has stopped surging. With all the great news known to investors, and even seeing the blow out earnings reports, the parent stock did not make a new high, or even come close to the old one. In fact, it is at a level where traditionally the years long uptrend is considered to be broken. Don't expect Nintendo to hold a press conference to assure investors that sales are soaring. They will not say anything to help investors until the next quarterly report.

    • Mario Kart is great. A group game.

      It has a novelty of being kid friendly, easy for a family to play, I would guess it presents a hard core gamer some sort of entertainment (I would imagine, it's pretty mindless).

      James Bond and Mario Kart were the last two games I played. . .until the Wii. I guess thats been 10+ years ago. The purchase is more of a nostalgic buy.

      BestBuy still had 6 of their 30 allocated WiiFits available for reserve. Gamestop was sold out.

    • I heard a fire burned down all the barns with the hops and that is why beer is expensive. Is that a lie too? Who can you trust! How much do you love Mario Kart???? I will say that Sam's club had about 15 Wii's on Tuesday and that is the first time I have seen them available "on the shelf" since Feb 2007 when I first discovered this whole thing. I want to thank that guy who posted the link to the Amazon reviews from the UK now I am even more antsy to get one. Were you able to reserve at Gamestop? Last I heard they had sold out the pre-sellable units

    • "Anythig you say is always so obvious that only you think it is worth saying."

      The fact you are an idiot is pretty obvious. . huh. Great comeback moron.

      Swung by Gamestop last night to pick up Mario Kart and reserve a couple WiiFit. Asked the owner if there were any Wii's available. His response "Nope, sell them just as fast as they come in. You know a fire burned down Nintendo's largest factory and that's why there arn't any Wii's." Best Buy was the same way (without the fire excuse).

    • You are just an argumentative asshole. Anythig you say is always so obvious that only you think it is worth saying. Fuck off.

    • " the housing bust is so big and the tax rebate is so small that I guess the dollar will keep dropping into summer and the Fed will not be able to do much to help it. "

      As usual your complete lack of understanding how any market works is astonishing.

      A rate cut would increase the rate of inflation as well as devalue the dollar.

      A rate increase would have the opposite effect however since the financial sector has created such a mess the Fed is trying to influence a market which it should not meddle with. Their MAIN concern is inflation, we / they have lost sight of what they are to control.

      Bailing out an incompetent financial industry as well as the truly stupid homeowners is ridiculous.
      I guess we should all go with our hands held out since living day to day is hard. . . what a joke.

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