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  • picklechad picklechad May 6, 2008 6:06 PM Flag

    There exist no NTDOY bulls

    The best you can get at these levels, during a clear and obvious downtrend, are "hold" opinions and worse.

    No "buy" recommendations at this level.

    Ask around.

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    • Six months from now November of 2007 will either be a 12 month high, or a blip in an uptrend. Some part of whatever will happen will be determined if Nintendo decides to finally meet demand for its products or not. Interesting that ebay is selling Wii at a discount. How do they do it?

    • "Your absurdly hostile responses to any inkling of bearishness is ridiculous."

      I asked a simply question you responded with ignorance. I'm not sure where you are going dumbass?

      "The best you can get at these levels, during a clear and obvious downtrend, are "hold" opinions and worse."

      Depends on your horizon for the "downtrend" so "clear and obvious" must be through some dirty glasses. I'm still waiting for P/E, forward P/E and the sector standard P/E. Very basic question. PEG would be a good one too to help illustrate my point (Hint: it's less than one).

      Here's a head start:

      Softie, Sony, ORCL, and gamestop have industry averages of: Revenue growth of 17%, PEG of 1.17 and a P/E of 23. There is naturally wiggle room however these are more or less the sector averages. AGAIN. . .what are NTDOY's numbers? Rev growth, PEG, and P/E?

      " No "buy" recommendations at this level."

      Since you know what the analyst have valued the stock. Which houses have hold (and worse). Please be specific and more than one since you are using plurals.

      The one analyst Yahoo (via thompson) has NTDOY as a strong buy with High and low number set at 82 for year end.

      I think Gamestop is more overrated than NTDOY yet it still commands a 30 P/E and most analyst are pushing it. 6 strong buys, 5 buys and 5 holds per Yahoo. Electronic Arts, Take Two and such garner a 25+ P/E and are losing money. Goldman has recently called “a peak” to the video game industry (about the time board moron Ellen switched gears). He is on base with GME; off base with the industry. In true analyst fashion, called a peek with no real time frame nor did he change his valuation to a sell or strong sell.

      "Ask around."

      I'm asking you dumbass.

      I think you're an idiot so prove me wrong moron.

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