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  • fngckfkebeqa fngckfkebeqa May 11, 2008 12:50 PM Flag

    10% decline in store this week

    7974 gave off a Gilligan Sell signal on 5/8-5/9 and will decline 10% over the course of this upcoming week.

    Sell NTDOY at open if you can.

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    • You were saying? ;)

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      • Keep shorting and bashing.....understand that folks can't afford to travel as musch as they use to due to fuel costs, food is higher and causing folks to stay home more and eat as a family....thus more families are looking for things to do with their kids as a family....all video games fit this need....but only the Wii allows the whole family to play....every time I go to Best Buy, Target or EB Games....the Wii games are flying off the shelves in the DC area...and the new Wii Fit will be hugh to the bottom line....and once Nintendo figures out how to tie in the DS to interact with the Wii at the same out. Now all of those DS handhelds are now worth a little more and buying the adapter that links the two systems will be another hugh stream of revenue.....just sit back and add on the dips and enjoy the ride up to $90 by the xmas season...if not sooner!

    • "7974 gave off a Gilligan Sell signal on 5/8-5/9 and will decline 10% over the course of this upcoming week."

      From what I can find your statement is incorrect. . .

      Gilligan Sell:
      "The Gilligan sell signal is a strategy described in my first book Hit and Run Trading, where an index or a stock gaps open to a new 60-day high and closes near the low of the day's range. Of course, many highs are Gilligans, but not all Gilligans are highs."

      On 5/8 the open was around 57,900; close around 57,600. . .on 5/9 the open was around 57,600 and close around 57,400.

      On 5/7 trading was around 58,500. . .

      Your numbers don't make any sense. A down trend sure however a Gillian Sell. . .based on your info. . .no. Where does the 10% come from???? Is it a random number?

    • Not a fat chance, this stock isn't going anywhere but up.

      Charts prove this, so does fundamentals and so does the declining Yen.

    • Not saying you are wrong, but if you are right it will be a heck of a bad Friday for this stock.

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