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  • ntdoyexpert ntdoyexpert May 17, 2008 4:07 AM Flag

    Bruce Everiss article at Seeking Alpha way off

    Ha ha ha ha, keep denying reality you stupid punks.

    Bruce is right but you deny ANY criticism or pessimistic views because you are all lazy and greedy.

    PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED, the #1 rule of investing.

    Oink oink NTDOY

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    • Let's see, first, you use a Kramerism, that will get you lots of respect in investor circles.

      Next you create a dead link WSJ article that supposedly bashes Wii sales. Is it real, is it a reader message under the article? Who knows, because IT ISN'T THERE! Using WSJ's search for Nintendo brought up no articles over the past week that said what you purported them to say.

      WiiFit must have gotten you a little nervous over the weekend, I suppose. Don't worry, it's only money.

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