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  • pschkqitzsough pschkqitzsough Jul 15, 2008 5:20 PM Flag

    New Nintendo Products

    Management is definitely on the ball with keeping the products rolling out. I'm glad I still hold some shares :)

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    • Yea, but have you read the boards at the games sites, especially the Nintendo sites?

      The reception for Nintendo's new products have been poor to say the least. There is quite a bit of negativity flowing and some harsh words for Nintendo's E3 keynote.

      Wii Music was shown last year at E3, so no one is all that excited, and the fact that Nintendo yet again paraded it out for their keynote may show a weakness in what might be coming this winter.

      There are also grumblings over yet another peripheral being added. This time it is a dongle for extra motion sensing that isn't creating much excitement.

      Further, it will be hard for companies to support this new addition because some consumers will adopt and others won't, which will segment the target audience.

      Animal Crossing looked dated and voice chat on the Wii, well, ho-hum. Tje majority of Wii owners are casual gamers, and I doubt the want to chat with their gamer buddies over a head-set.

      Lacking at E3 were the games to follow Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart Wii, which is what I was looking for.

      What games are going to drive sales for the holiday season?

      Nintendo made very little mention of any other upcoming games. A punch-out sequel has been confirmed, but they haven't released much information yet.

      Rumor has it another Zelda title is in the works, but that doesn't seem to be creating any real buzz either.

      Shaun White demonstrating how his snow-boarding game could be played on the Wii is nice, but it only works if you have the Wii Fit board and Shaun White's game is not an exclusive title, so I doubt it will drive an over-abundance of sales.

      I was really looking for a game that would satisfy the interests of a mass audience. A title that could sell 10 million copies. But it wasn't there.

      Considering the keynote speach is where the majority of the big news is broken, it doesn't look like Nintendo is going to be firing many big shots this holiday season. They are basically going to bat with what they already have.

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      • You bring up some good points, but I'll bet you they do bring a lot of new products out between now and Christmas that we don't know about yet. Not to mention I read somewhere that Nintendo is focusing on the DS for the short term right now as far as game releases are concerned. I think that is a good strategy considering the DS has sold well over 50MM consoles the audience is much bigger, and as long as they keep selling virtually all of the 1.8MM consoles they are producing they will have a lot of game sales to come with that, but new hit games are basically a given with the Wii as they've been very consistent over the last 2 years.

        However, I'm betting GME is the better stock in the VG industry right now IMO. I've moved half of my remaining NTDOY shares to in the money GME Jan. call options.

      • First, gaming boards do not represent who Nintendo was addressing today, journalists (especially mainstream) and finance types.

        Second, I saw a lot of excitement over the 1:1 motion device. An even more accurate wiimote, packed with, basically, WiiSports 2 will be a huge seller, ala WiiPlay.

        Third, the Animal Crossing voice (which can be bought separately) is via speaker, NOT headset. Better parental control, limiting the racist, homophobic talk so prevalent on Microsoft Live.

        Fourth, Shawn White Snowboarding is exclusive.

        Fifth, as for a title that will sell 10 million copies... what did Microsoft or Sony show that will sell that much? Has Grand Theft Auto 4 even sold that much, combining PS3 and X360 sales? Although that Wii Resort (with 1:1 motion detection attachment) has the best chance to get to 10 million.

        Sixth, E3 is no longer the same event. Nintendo, a discrete company (for good reason), will show other titles down the road closer to their release date.

        Finally, what will sell? Well, Animal Crossing is going to be huge this winter. An absolute monster evergreen, that is a given IMO. Wii Music, I will have to see how it plays. The evergreens, especially Mario Kart, will also have big sales this Christmas. It is still out of stock at Amazon.

        As a fairly hardcore gamer, I wanted to see more, right now. As an investor, I understand their timing. Message board hype is overrated as a sales driver for non-niche titles. Snakes on a Plane and Viva Pinata are prime examples in 2 mediums. Beyond Good and Evil 2, when it arrives, will probably be a future example.

        As for the DS, it is a monster now, and will be so at Christmas.


    • I bought back some a few days ago. There are almost bound to raise guidance. Someone over on vgchartz (not reliable imho) said Nintendo has almost doubled Wii production.

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