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  • joethdo joethdo Apr 14, 2009 11:26 AM Flag

    NTDOY down to new lows

    I bought at 34 before the Wii was a "confirmed" hit and sold it for a double.

    It's absurd that it's trading at these levels but I still think people feel the Wii is a "fad" even though it's the fastest selling console in history and will easily become the best selling console in history.

    The recent news about sales slowing in Japan hasn't helped and has led people to speculate that we'll see a sales slowdown elsewhere in the world. I doubt that. For every kid that has a Wii, there are ten kids that don't have one and want one.

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    • I agree that the stock will move lower from here, probably thru September, but if Nintendo brings out appealing new Wii features the stock will start to climb again. I bought an airmouse for the HTPC and it is a big improvement over a remote. I bet if Netflix were availible over the Wii and used the Wiimote as a controller it would ba a huge hit. Also Hulu. The Wiii has lots of potential and Nintendo may be quick anough to catch some of it. Nintendo is smart to bundle HW with software. It is the only way to counter pirates.

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      • You people seem to forget E3 unannounced games, Wii Resort, Wii motion plus, Punchout Out Wii, DSi, New zelda ds game, Rythm heaven and more...

        The downturn of sales is because of Nintendo's shift in focus from Wii to DS, but at E3, I am pretty sure Nintendo will impress. I think this year will be focused on games, and probably target mainly on hardcore gamers since they buy more games than the casual player.

        The downturn on the stock should give you more incentive to buy. I frankly love the dividend, and having the stock this low makes it even better to add more.

        Last but not least, the Yen has come down significantly since the previous quarter, so forex factor shouldn't impact Nintendo's earnings as it did last time.

        I think earnings will be good, and Nintendo will probably increase guidance for the rest of the fiscal year. Even analysts see the stock being oversold.

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