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  • shadowskizee shadowskizee Mar 5, 2011 2:21 PM Flag

    Does Nintendo realize its doomed by Apple?

    Do you realize that apple doesnt even make a gaming consol?? apple makes PHONES! Phones that are excelent and superior to all other PHONES! I have an iphone4, and a wii and a DS. I dont play games on my iphone becuause they suck compared to real nintendo games. I play games on my Nintendo consols. Have you ever tried gaming on an iphone? Nintendo has the best games and technology of any game developer. Games that could never be avalible on the iphone. Even if apple made a real consol they still wouldnt have Matio, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Metroid etc... So to say Nintendo is doomed by apple really is a retarted comment. Neither will be doomed by either company, both will win.

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    • I'm a game developer who exclusively makes games for consoles and I also see that the iphone is pretty distruptive to the console market ... especially the handheld market. I wouldn't say Nintendo is doomed, but they really have to take into account that their consumer is changing.


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