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  • ebitdamattersmore ebitdamattersmore Dec 10, 2007 2:11 PM Flag

    I'll just ask panic

    Listened to the cc but it was still a little vague,
    especially that last comment about book value you were impressed by,he said "they would be left with $15 million in debt"

    I can't seem to get to the $15 million of debt left at the end of this journey,current debt plus horizon plus 5-10 cap ex plus future war chest, can you tell me how that adds up?

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    • Diskplayer,

      Of course you can read the proxy statement as an SEC filing, but to actually vote I think you need to wait to get hard copy in the mail.

      Unless your Scott Trade account is an IRA account or some other type of account that is not allowed to be marginable, you should make it into a margin account ASAP to avoid the 3 day waiting period for funds to clear. Trying to do day trading without a margin account is maddening.

      Nice finish today for UWN! The institutions like to buy at the close so that they show a "gain" on the shares accumulated earlier. It would appear that the excellent conference call has not gone unnoticed.

    • No one cares about your money more than yourself...

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      • Yes, I think UWN is a good example of this. The spike down to 1.10 (unless it was a margin call) was probably due to some impatient institution dumping shares. I've seen sloppy trading in microcaps many times. I just can't believe that any individual trading their OWN money would be so impatient as to sell a big chunk of a somewhat illiquid microcap at the market like that.

        Individual investors often have a big speed advantage in processing and trading information on microcaps like UWN. It's just not a priority for the big guys compared to other stuff like what the Fed might be doing. As EBIDTA pointed out we saw one analyst that didn't understand the Cripple Creek numbers and another analyst that was amazed (because he didn't check the math himself) that the pro-forma book value calculation he read on a message board was actually correct.

        UWN had a pretty darn good conference call. Anyone who heard some of their past conference calls should definitely appreciate this. So why hasn't the stock moved yet? I think it takes the institutions time to get around to looking at microcap results. Even if an analyst knows right away that the stock is a buy, he probably has to get approval to put it on their "buy list".

        I do trade microcaps with some other people's money as well as my own, but I still try to think like the small individual investor that I started out as.

    • Well I guess my expectations of analysts are pretty low. I have all my money in accounts I trade personally.

    • Yeah I guess it was a lot to ask of a analyst,adding up a few numbers and then actually subtracting a few,why don't you turn over some of your money for him to invest.
      personally I do a lot of work on all the companies I invest in or follow,run a business and have a full family life with kids in sports, oh well we all have different energy levels.

    • I believe that Horizon is being partially financed from a separate credit line for acquisitions. The 15 mil in debt total they were referring to was for their existing credit line.

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