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  • acebear01 acebear01 Aug 26, 2011 1:27 AM Flag

    Land Casinos are dead.

    The idiot "comic book" slot machines....jacked up table limits.... the "shufflemaster" fandango....and bizarre slot computer programs will fool sosme of the people awhile....but BANKRUPTCY is the future of landbased casinos. They CHEAT people with their jacked up table limits and bizaarre "shufffles"....sooner or later the anger of the naive will over-ride the bordedom that drives them there.

    Online game is the wave of the future.

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    • ace, you jest no?!!! You write:

      "In a word....true GAMBLING...has been killed by corporate GREED."

      Right. So I'm sure there are NO corporations that own online gaming eh?? who do you think runs them! AND... I'm sure there's no cheating the online customer/player right? Are you really that naieve?

    • Ace, Online gaming is for loners....which most people are not.

      They said the same thing about movie theaters. People are social animals, not loners.

      Until clubs & bars, football stadiums & basketball arenas go out of biz, CASINO GAMING will keep thriving as it is now in Asia & everywhere the economy is good.

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      • Those who push the "idea" that "man" is a "social animal" are part of the "modern day" move towards the Fascist denial of the individual in favor of the so-called "group".

        However, casions do't attrack "loners"...they attract LOSERS.

        More importantly...when colorful mafia INDIVIDUDALS ran casinos...they were FAR MORE HONEST than the BORING RIP-OFF JOINTS of today.

        Land-based and on-line....they ALL cheat people these days. And rather than RESPECTING Ace-gamblers....the fools of today will stoop to cheap computer programming "tricks" and under-handed parlour dealing at "Texas hold-um" to try and manufacturer a whole new arrary of pseudo-"gamblers" who don't know a freeking thing about GAMBLING.

        In a word....true GAMBLING...has been killed by corporate GREED.

        One of the up and coming career choices in the future will be CASIONO BANKRUPTCY LAWYER.

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