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  • i_got_a_p1_4_u i_got_a_p1_4_u Dec 29, 2002 4:22 PM Flag


    We are kind of like the business at Ruby's, slowly we are not visiting as frequently. This can be seen in the CNN report of holiday wait times at restaurants. Ruby's had the shortest wait, 8 min. Outback, Applebees , Fridays were running 20-35min. Oh well.

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    • Where's this great split that we've beenhearing about forthe last 9 months?

    • Godd one from the peanut gallery. Your a fricking MoMo

    • Go team fight. I bet you are from Miami. Idiot

    • Please forgive me. But I must state that your an idiot. Now get off our board.

    • talk about hypocracy, obviously you either created a new screen name, which everyone knows is the case, or you "{HAD THE TIME)"
      to go back and read all the messages and realize that a lot of x mgrs, (whom, by the way
      worked for the co. when it was on top of all the stocks listed, hmmmmm, wonder what happened?, maybe they should hire an analyst,
      promote him to vp, and he can tell us why the
      company now sucks) are posting on this site,
      I got one solution for your company, idiot,
      offer the people who left you to go on to the
      companies that are killing you 2x what they are making, fire the idiots who motivated them to leave, and start over. PEOPLE, Stupid>>.
      Bill Parcells is about motivating PEOPLE, Rick
      Pitino, PEOPLE< How smart do you have to be?
      I formally award the "Ray Carruth Award" to
      Bart F., Collin C, and anyone who had anything to do with putting them in charge with 50% of this company.

    • You and outback don�t know what you�re talking about. My time is my business, not yours and it didn�t take all that much time. Actually, it was a pleasure to put that stupid MF, spammeout in his place. If the stock is so good, they why did almost every other concept bet the crap out of RTI in the last quarter? You just can�t handle the truth. Those posts were directly on point concerning the stock and the humor was just for fun.

    • You are just another pro-Ruby's pumper, probably an employee. Those messages were graphical in nature and designed to show that RI stock peformance over the last quarter has sucked. Kindly explain why you disagree before you babble on and embarass yourself any further.

      If you are really trying to read messages on good stocks, go to another restaurant board because this isn't the place.


    • Oh know, Maryville has set up some counter-terrorism posters under assumed names. PLEASE!!! The two of you should have posted a little further apart "time wise". And by the way, your posts are filled with facts that just say buy buy buy....At least the nega-posters have seen the inside BS. I have seen more than you would believe. From the inside!!!!
      Better check the I-9s and Tip disclosures.....

    • If you knew anything about what the CEO of RI has preached for the last 8 years, you would realize that this company was formed on a culture of aggressive, passionate, play hard, work hard teams. That fueled the growth, and the business. Those days are gone. the stock is slowly meeting the day to day in store performance. As soon as there are no more ways to save costs....this one is a goner!!!
      Before you tell others what to do, you should do your homework, or post a more believable front name!! I didn't know California was a small suburb of Maryville.

    • Praise this man ! I am glad someone sees that these people know nothing about stock or Great Companies to work for. I think that they are disgruntled ex-managing partners or GM's that could not come up with 12,500. Go Ruby's.

      Great Company - Great Investment

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