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  • an_intellectual_jarhead an_intellectual_jarhead Nov 20, 2008 11:57 PM Flag

    Fire Kimberly Grant!!!

    You're too funny. Your idea to have specific heads roll because the stock is down is very short-sighted. Question: what restaurant stocks is NOT down? The master of eatery demand, the consumer, is paying up for a host of reasons. Thus same store sales are negative...and not just at Ruby, but virtually ALL restaurants.

    Firing someone because of this? That's shortsighted. However, you want someone's head to roll, target the AH would loaded up this company with debt years back. It is that that will force RT to file bankruptcy.


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    • I appreciate your opinion on this topic, however Kimberly Grant has been solely responsible for the position Ruby Tuesday is in. It was under her guidance and direction that Ruby's walked away from 35+ years of brand identity to become this contrived "High Quality Casual Dining" concept that no-one wanted. I know it's a tough economy, but Ruby's stock has been declining for over 18 mo. Since she took over the stock is down an astounding 97%!!! Out of the 35 largest restaurant chains in the country, Ruby's has performed THE WORST! Yes, in my opinion when the company your directing performs that poorly, you LOSE YOUR JOB!
      On the topic of Mike Roder, Kimberly's Lap Dog, he has run off some of the best District Managers, General Managers, Ass Managers and Team Members. There is a disturbing lack of Management talent left within his Region.

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      • I totally agree with the call to fire Kimberly Grant. I left the company many years ago when she ran the Atlanta market into the ground. This company has acceopted mediocre to poor results for a long time under her leadership. They have been kidding themsleves all the way to a sub $1 stock!!!!This company has created a bunch of YES people that are there to agree with SB and KG at every turn. The corporate culture dissappeared years ago and the brand has lost all equity with the dining public. It all goes back to failed leadership that is obsessed with cost and does not know how to drive the top line. Its all about driving sales!!! To the post that suggested all restaurant stocks are down, yes this is the case but did you NOTICE how much compared to RT!!!!! This company is a shell of itself and the only chance they have is to bring in true industry professionals that can build a team that cares. Even if they did this, it would be a LONG shot at best!!! To the current manager calling for the firing of KG, my suggestion is to take your passion elsewhere to a company that has a culture of people that care. These companies are out there. I work for one.

      • ask mike roder what ice cream we use.

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