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  • davidgarethl davidgarethl Dec 2, 2008 6:23 PM Flag

    New bottom?

    I think we may be over the worst. As bad as thing have been, we don't seem to be going any lower. Earnings may yet drop into negative but in the land of the blind the one eyed man will be king. (translation - RT is at least for now making money, the ones going under are not.) RT may go negative on earnings next reprt but they are better positioned than most.

    If you have a time horizon of 1-2 years, this looks like a buy. Recessions don't normally last a lot longer than this one. You may want to nibble here - only with funds you can afford to lose.

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    • The only thing closing around RT is you, Duhburger! You haven't written anything intelligent since you were in a gamer class for Doomsday III.

    • Slapping you around isn't as fun as it was this morning. It is too easy. I failed to realize that you were so challenged. Check out the thread on store closing, Beckmon has made a good point that is in opposition to your “strong buy” proclamation, so I threw a “duh” at him for you. You “duh” so much better than I do though with all the practice you get.

    • Yep, you art the Duh guy.

    • I think I'll stick around and be the voice of reason. Of course, you have an "Advanced degree in college prof" and another in finance. Would you do me a favor, the next time Mr. Buffet comes by to ask your erudite advice, would you get his autograph for me? By the way, I have children older than 14. I hang around here to slap you around verbally. How easy it has been! Your arsenal of insults consists of "duh". And when you are clearly defeated, you resort to "duh". The more "duhs" in a post, the more decisive the defeat. Keep trying to bully me and the rest of the posters in here; it is amusing. Reminds me of watching someone try to ice skate for the first time.

    • So, you can read, after all, jamison59. Look, Duh, finance at the corporate level is not about FICO rating stocks. In a board meeting, the CFO has to be pragmatic: can the company meet their next installment on their debt. If not, they have to use their line of credit. Now, you can do all the ratios you want, but that is not bottom line on RT. If you are so risk intolerant, why are you on the RT message board? I suggest to you, Duh man, you are looking for the 2fer, too. As to whether or not RT's management team being inept or not, who are you, and what are you? What has that got to do with bottom line $$$ whether or not they meet the next installment on their debt? So, split, Duh man, go follow another stock. Who needs you here, when you are only a 14-year old gamer.

    • Are you saying that the reason you think RT is a strong buy is because they can probably meet their next installment on their debt? Ok, for the sake of argument, I'll stipulate that they make it. So now investors in RT can start holding their collective breath for the next installment? I suggest that might be appropriate for risk tolerant investors with a long-term outlook (at least 10 years) to invest. Too risky a choice for most, especially with RT's inept management. There are better investments even for the risk tolerant.

    • Sure. I follow. Now, follow me. I have any credential I tell you. Number two, use spell check. Number three, in finance work over 5 years I learned the ropes. RT's only concern, as anyone in their current situation, IS: can they meet the next payment. I have read their quarterly and yearly reports, and believe they can. They met the last one last quarter. So, why worry about life insurance here (metaphor for you worry too much!) and get to the bottom line $$$ problem: can they meet the debt payment from the revenue stream. Go ahead, now: answer.

    • No, I have no idea if you lied or not. I heard someone say, "Trust but verify". There is now way to verify your credentials, so I must take them with a healthy dose of skepticism (did I spell that right?) How about there facts:

      Total Debt (mrq): 565.21M
      Total Debt/Equity (mrq): 1.301
      Current Ratio (mrq): 0.744

      The one that concerns me most is the debt to equity ratio. At this stage in my life, I need to see something else very positive before I consider anything over 1.0. Please tell me what the positives are that I should consider here.

    • So you think I lied about a BBA in finance. Who is blowing smoke and mirrors here with your own degrees? You stick to logical arguments, starting with RT, and the facts.

    • It matters little to me about my background. I proffered it. So much BS appears on the net, and these message boards that we all read between the lines. As for opinions, sure, they're like noses, everybody's got one. I got
      a millionaire friend who only owns bonds. He dumps all stocks. So what. You have to learn to think for yourself and your own portfolio. I cannot help it if others disagree on RT. I point to the balance sheet and income/cash flow statement facts. That ought to help you and others get a better understand of RT than these 14-year old gamers claiming to have shorted a $ 1 stock. Yeah, right.

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