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  • the_raven_35 the_raven_35 Oct 8, 2009 4:00 PM Flag

    Jameson, you are Off Ignore

    For the moment, as I am savoring this victory in RT. I was sure you'd be issuing mea culpas regarding your treatment of my posts and ideas. Here we are...stock touched $9.20, and is still up 10% after a solid earnings report.

    I want you to TELL ME AGAIN HOW I AM WRONG AND COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL about RT, when yet again, EARNINGS (the REAL variety) were outstanding, and this company is doing everything right.

    I know you are probaby embarrassed to admit how wrong you've been about me. I am accepting your HUMBLED apologies today and tomorrow only, and then I'm throwing you back into my ignore bin.



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    • What is unfortunite (sic) is that you are forced into working 70 hours a week to help pay down RTs debt at no additional compensation. Did you take a look at the bonuses that top management received on your back? If you have a family, have you considered what the cost is to them in your absence? Another unfortunate consequence of the cost cutting required to keep RT from plunging over the cliff are those who once worked for RT who are unemployed. Upper management's poor decisions have human consequences, but what the hell do they care. They're doing just fine. Further, you don't have to put up with this quibble if you chose not to.

    • Belief? Sounds more like brainwashing. 70 hours a week? I'll bet they don't compensate you for that either. But I suppose they have to make profit somehow, cost cutting by firing management seems quite effective, because suckers like you are willing to work 70 hours a week for no extra pay.

    • Raven honey, please get back on your medications before your delusions consume you. I have just come back from a long weekend of archery hunting and fishing. No laptops, no cell phones and no childish little girls to deal with provided a nice escape from the world. I’ve had this week on my schedule for months, so I decided to not cancel it based on RT’s earnings report. I did take the opportunity on my return to read your “pearls of wisdom”.

      I think I’ll start with your assumption that I should jump through hoops as you beckon. Seriously honey, if I charged you for the value of the counseling that I provide to you, I would want payment in advance because I doubt you could afford it. Since it’s given for free, it is done on my schedule, not yours honey.

      You said, “YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY BECAUSE I WAS, ONCE AGAIN, CORRECT, AND YOU TRIED YOUR HARDEST TO SMEAR MY GOOD NAME”. Your assumption that a lady that behaves as you do has a “good name” to smear is comical at best. Those who have endured your insults and those who have read your posts understand this. You’re not concerned with your good name or you would behave in a fashion that is consistent with the expectations of polite society. I owe nothing but my contempt, which you have earned. Finally, I don’t have to try my “HARDEST TO SMEAR MY (your) GOOD NAME”. I have invested no effort to smear you, once again, you do that all by yourself honey with your lies, boasts and insults. I notice that you no longer claim to be a “stock pro”.

      You cheered, “(T)his company is doing everything right.” They have done some very helpful things that saved them from blindly driving over the cliff. They raised capital by issuing additional shares. They closed the least profitable stores. With the savings and the additional capital, they paid down the strangling debt. Management should be commended for these actions. However, taking this debt on was an act of lunacy and nearly destroyed RT. It reeks of incompetence. One should ask, is the same driver still at the wheel? The Sunday buffet idea has great potential. A dollar invested in RT remains a dollar at extreme risk. My argument all along has not been that nobody should invest in RT, but they should understand the risk and balance that against their tolerance for it. My opinion is that there are more suitable investments for most.

      To address your statement, “I know you are probaby (sic) embarrassed to admit how wrong you've been about me. I am accepting your HUMBLED apologies today and tomorrow only, and then I'm throwing you back into my ignore bin.” Please get back on your meds honey!

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      • And now I have confirmation that you are investing in your rearview mirror. And that you are still a complete douchebag. The fact that you site RT's loading up on debt was only a bad move in hindsight, and does not distinguish them from ANY OTHER COMPANY IN THIS WORLD. Had RT known the US would slip into the deepest recession since the Great One, I would bet they might have shelved their debt ideas. But I'm also thinking so would scores of companies long gone...AIG, BS, LEH are just 3 that come to mind, not to mention anyone investing in real estate.

        Hindsight, Jim G., is ALWAYS 20/20...but I was investing back in that 2005-2007 timeframe as well, and I don't remember any of the "post-scient" Jim Gs of the world lambasting companies for using too much debt. With rates as low as they've been, you would have been a fool not to use debt for your investing purposes. It's another one of my "mouse index" ideas call WEIGHTED AVERAGE COST OF CAPITAL. That's a big idea for a hunter like you, and probably well beyond your narrow mind. You see, equity capital carries a relatively high cost with it, and companies generally invest their capital using a combination of equity and debt to lower that cost of capital. Then companies got the big idea that maybe you can simply use all debt and have the lowest possible cost of capital...assuming the banks allow it.

        Lo and behold, the banks saw that RT had a rock solid business and cash flow stream, and they lent RT the money. And then when the economy turned down in 4Q07, the lenders told RT they had to discontinue the dividend so RT had enough to repay the credit lines offered to them. And then the world went to hell in 4Q08, but since banks and RT management properly underwrote the debt, RT was actually still able to both service and pay down its balance out of cash flow from operations. Granted, it was probably as low as anyone thought could go, but the 100-year storm happens every so often.

        No, here's where the morons like you have it wrong. While some folks were caught with their pants down and drunk on leverage, most folks still properly underwrote the debt...RT included, which is why, despite horrific declines in cash flow, RT still has managed to pay down nearly $100 million in debt through this recession.

        Well, I knew you were a moron before, but now it's clear you pine for the dark days of 2008, as your investment thesis, as I've said before, would have made you tons of money in 4Q07.

        LOL...I hope you enjoyed your barbaric hunting. Big man, killing wild animals.


    • And the loudmouth is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

      You are a phoney, Jameson. Completely bogus. Bad mouth me the last 2 months, and when I get the earnings CORRECT AGAIN, you leave the board. What a fucking fraud.

      Kiss my ass.

      A vindicated, and very happy,


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