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  • joe.trader81 joe.trader81 Jan 19, 2010 8:46 AM Flag

    Insiders Sold a lot of stock?!?

    Insiders sold a lot of stock. CTO drops 100k. COO drop 150K worth. A director drops 225K. It isn't chump change considering that was 1/3 of what the CTO owned. What is going on?

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    • Or perhaps the real problem is you folks continue to fixate on EPS, which is always way too low for a real estate company like RT given the high amount of depreciation it takes on its fixed plant.

      I'll say it NEED to focus on the STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS here. Look at Cash from Operating Activities, and then subtract capital expenditures. That is your free cash flow.

      That is the only thing that matters here. My god...they have a 10%+ operating cash flow margin...who cares about EPS?

      That said...anyone buying this stock on revenue growth will be waiting at least 6 months...maybe even 18 months.


    • Poor Martha. At least she does market some nice bath towels.

      Agreed. You can only lay off so many people and close so many locations before your quality of services becomes noticeable scant and further drives down sales.It becomes a case of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

      I hope this company can figure out what it is doing, so the longs can end their suffering. The days of RT's post earnings 300% increases are over, unless they can show some serious growth by way of same restaurant sales.

    • I agree, it's a bit worrisome, but I also think that a lot of these shares were purchased back in March 2009, when the stock was between $0.90 and $2.50. Insiders bought a ton that month...could be just smart money management.

      Also could be that they need money for taxes...don't know.

      I always discount insider sales in the first quarter, as it almost always relates to taxes.

      That said, I'd prefer them to not sell, as it's a concerning signal, no question.



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      • Well, I've sold some of my position today. I'm getting so fucking sick of seeing these asshole directors selling shares. If they sell all their shares, WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY ON THE BOARD?

        If Stephen Sadove wants to sell his shares, he can fucking resign. If he doesn't, I'm going to start harassing Sandy Beall until he forces him out.

        Selling shares at this level means you are a fucking retard. That includes Nicolas Ibrahim and Kim Grant. If you are retarded enough to sell shares at this level, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING BUSINESS RUNNING A COMPANY, because you don't understand how to value a company.

        I'm taking my rating to a hold. Sandy needs to right the fucking ship here. Either you buy into the RT turnaround, or submit your fucking resignation.


      • Particularly with the news that Uno just filed for bankruptcy protection. Not that I'm implying RT is in that situation, but it seems like bad timing.

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