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  • the_raven_35 the_raven_35 Mar 9, 2010 11:29 AM Flag

    My Victory Lap

    Jameson...I'm taking you off ignore here, because you owe me an apology. I told you this stock was undervalued at $7. I admit to selling about 15% of my stake after Sandy sold 350K shares a month ago. I was not pleased with his sale, and I thought he was making a mistake, but at the same time, there was a chance insiders knew something. In the absence of hard news, the prudent thing to do was take some of the bet off the table, and I was going to sell half, but decided on selling about 15%.

    The stock is currently at $9.67. I has returned neary 30% since you and started our discourse way back when. Had you bought at near-term lows of $6.20 (I traded 1000 shares at that price, and sold at $6.80 a few weeks later), you would have done even better.


    By the way, I STILL THINK THIS HAS ROOM TO RUN. My target is $11-$12. Growth is ticking up...if they show me more, I'll raise my price target.

    You morons that ignored me LOST.

    LOL...I win.



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    • Great job Raven, you must be proud to have predicted that the stock would rise from $.90! You are a financial genius. How many other stocks have had tremendous gains since a year ago? You are so full of yourself that you can not see that for the past year Jameson has done nothing but bust your chops to get a reaction out of you, and every time you would fall for it. The best comment you have left in my opinion is "If Stephen Sadove wants to sell his shares, he can @#$% resign. If he doesn't, I'm going to start harassing Sandy Beall until he forces him out." How is that going for you? Have you gotten through to him yet? Maybe he is sending up the corporate jet from Maryville to fly you down to give him some of your insight. You claim to have all these shares in the company, but let's be real here, most of your money is invested in the rent you pay your mom for living in her basement and the rest is in scratch off lottery tickets. If you had as much money invested in the market as you claim, you would be watching your money, and not being sucked in to message board feuds. It has been funny to watch, so please keep posting.

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      • LOL. I get my first "raven" derivative ID. Must be Jameson...welcome back, you old coward.

        I've got nothing to prove...just want to rub it in the face of the assholes on this board who naysayed my bullish calls.

        As for "How many other stocks have had tremendous gains since a year ago?" A lot, no doubt...but tell me this, how many have you seen make over 1,000%? I'm currently up 1,063% on RT.

        As for the insiders selling at RT, who said I HAVEN'T corresponded with Sandy, et al? I just haven't posted my emails. I even might have sent Mr. Beall a follow up needling him for his low $7 sale. Dumbest fucking sales in this history of insider sales, as they knew SS comps were trending more positively than before.

        As for Mr. Sadove...he can still resign anytime he wants. The insiders who sold might understand restaurants, but they don't understand capital markets, and that's a fucking fact, because all you have to do is look at DIN to see what RT SHOULD BE doing with its capital structure.

        Here's a hint: SELL THE FUCKING REAL ESTATE AND LEASE THEM BACK WITH FULL CONTROL. They get no credit for the real estate on the balance sheet, so WHY HOLD IT?

        This stock should be worth far more than $11...but no sale-leasebacks mean we are stuck here waiting for the highly dilutive equity offering that will be done in the next year or so to pay down the LOC.

        Thanks for letting me take my victory lap again.

        Kind regards,


    • You sir are a genuine moron. Firstly, nobody owes you an apology for anything.

      Secondly, every time RT stock goes up we all have to endure the :I told you so" mentality from a few pumpers but the bottom line of RT remains.

      This POS is entirely about making a few bosshogs rich, most of whom are close to retirement age, while leaking info out about quarterly earnings.

      We have seen this over and over again and I'm surprised thee has been no SEC investigation.

      I own a lot of RT and I'm very happy the stock is doing better but I just don;t trust the leadership. Perhaps you might address that before you tell us who is or is not on your ignore list.

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      • Is this my old buddy Jamison with a new alias?

        This "genuine moron" bought when the stock was at $0.90 a year ago. This "genuine moron" came on this board a year ago saying everyone here ought to be buying this hand over fist.

        This "genuine moron" was the ONLY BULL on this board up until recently.

        This "genuine moron" made over 1,000% on this investment when everyone else thought it was going bankrupt. Of course, it was only spewing $50-$75 million in cash flow at the time and paying down debt.

        This "genuine moron" has held onto the vast majority of his shares even when they became an outsized portion of his portfolio because he thinks this is a stupidly cheap company even today.

        You want commentary on management? I'll tell you this...they are outstanding restauranteurs, but don't know shit about capital markets. They own real estate, but no one gives them credit for it. They should sell and then leaseback up to 1/2 the locations, pay down debt and buy back stock. That would be super accretive. But they don't understand this, which is really frustrating.

        Sandy Beall's a great CEO, but he needs better advice on capital structure, and he just isn't getting it.

        Now this stock is going to start growing again...organically. I would expect the growth to come slowly, but it's the best kind of

        I would recommend everyone here buy or hang onto shares...this will be an $18-$20 stock in a year or two, and I guarantee it outperforms the S&P strongly without a ton of volatility.

        I win.



      You in their right fucking minds goes short a stock yielding 20% from a cash flow basis?

      You people are moronic.

      I win...again.


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      • Raven - I love you man, it was your great analysis why I bought this stock at 6.85, but then you punted when Sandy sold, and I continued to hold as it went to $8, and then I sold out... If the stock's biggest advocate (e.g. you) bailed, continuing to hold didn't seem a great idea. Figured I could sell and maybe buy it back below $7 again later...

        I kept waiting for your post, to see your view after your sell to see if you changed your tune after the rally, but you were MIA for weeks. Now that the stock is at $10, it's annoying to see you now back gloating as if you've been holding all this time and called it. Sorry man, you sold when Sandy sold, you can't take credit now.

        Here is your post from January 28th, 2010: (note the sentiment: strong sell you placed on it)

        So here's why you have a volume spike on no news. One moronic analyst upgrades this company, and the CEO decides to take the opportunity to dump about a quarter of his holdings onto the folks who are buying shares during the upgrade.

        The volume spike? Oh, it was Sandy Beall dumping his shares near the low of the day.

        What a @#$% moron.

        I'm curious...why do you think another analyst would ever upgrade these idiots ever again?

        Wow...I can't believe old Sandy would do this.

        Well, I'm selling out. I bought when Sandy bought, and now I'm going to sell when this douche bag sells.

        350K shares in one lump block.

        What a cock.


        Sentiment : Strong Sell"

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