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  • norjud norjud Aug 7, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Menu getting Big Overhall...

    The Ruby Tuesday in our town is great. The chain seems to go after the people over age 35. Not many kids, which can be a great thing. I think they are deep sixing the Lobster. Can't get good Lobster as a customer for under $25. I think they miss a lot of revenue at the bar. Not much going on there. How to fix that is the key, as people who drink mix drinks and wine spend more money. Maybe, have wine and cheese night, hey on Tuesday. Have some wines from smaller vineyards that the customer "cannot" buy in the local supermarket, thus they have to come in RT to get it. Same thing with a few beers. It can be done. I think this stock could double in a year. Me Dig.

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    • What good is book value if the chain is not profitable? Give me a break. Their book is based on real estate, not on operating metrics or fundamentals. You people have been spewing the same garbage for two years, but there has been no change. Just keep waiting for that $30 long. You'll get there someday, in your dreams.

      Lime Fresh is failing, and going the way of Marlin and Ray's and all of their other aborted concepts. But I suppose you will only admit that when they start closing them.

    • Clearly your knowledge of the market leaves little be desired. The performance of one unit has little bearing on the company as a whole. Ruby Tuesday is an uncompetitive, overpriced chain with a load of debt and no profit. The only thing keeping them afloat is their real estate, which eventually will have to be liquidated to cover their losses both from RT and their other disaster, Lime Fresh. They will also need to pay down principal on their significant debts.

      To say their stock will be in double digits anytime in the near future is not optimistic, it's foolish. Why don't you just write the check to me, instead of throwing your money after a concept that was best left in the late 80s.

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