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  • dhalliii dhalliii Oct 4, 1999 9:24 AM Flag

    Uh Oh.......

    Just a test post. No need to panic yet.. ~..~ and by the way born_poor hang tight...........

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    • Who am I? Bitch......

    • it appears the screwed list is growing. Maybe
      it's not all the nega-posters. Maybe it's Ruby's B.S.
      or its selective enforcement of policies that are
      causing all the problems. I have spoken with 2 managers (
      one current and one "retired" ) and they are both
      saying the same thing.
      As for posting under
      different names, I have always posted under Ben411. You
      probably know who I am.

    • I had forgotten just how many different posters
      had complained about being screwed over by this
      company. It was very informative to review both the fact
      and fiction.

      I believe that briar patch was
      the one who said that the truth is usually found
      somewhere in the middle. Using that logic, the truth would
      still be very upsetting to most.

      While you may
      not care who would invest based on this board, you
      would be amazed at how many of your managers and
      competitors are keeping track of these events.

    • I guess the nega-posters still don't know diddly!

      I am less effective these days of getting under
      their skin, I just don't have the time.
      I do stand
      by one thing though;

      The nega-posters have in
      FACT change aliases and stick to vague stuff all the
      way back into the 100's messages. No one believes
      you, and no one trusts you. Just as it is obvious that
      I am pro RI; you obviously are anti-RI

      cares. who would invest based on this board.

    • They reserve for the notes received from the
      franchise, but in the quarterly reporting they do not
      disclose the amount of the reserves, and based on the last
      10-Q, its seems unclear on how much of the notes were
      paid during the quarter.

      When the notes are
      paid the reserve is released (I guess, the financials
      don't show the reserves) against operating expenses.
      This distorts true operating expenses.

      company places an emphasis on how they have achieved
      savings through economies of scale, but when adding back
      the note payments, I don't think there are true
      savings as a percentage of income. Of course they could
      easily show us whether there are real savings are not by
      disclosing the reserves by quarter, or showing the uses in
      the statements.

      The reason this stock is not
      moving up is that most analysts see through this, and
      while the company is posting some impressive growth, if
      they play games with something so simple what other
      games might be there that aren't so obvious.

      looked through the last Q for these reserves and there
      application and could not find the amounts. You said you read
      through the financials and find them clean so answer two
      questions. What is that reserve balance at the end of the
      last quarter? What is the amount of the payments on
      the notes last quarter? And if you are unable to
      answer these questions are the financials informative as
      they should be, or just presenting Ruby's best

      Asked before and Buford responded but even he was
      unable to explain the use of these reserves.

    • Just that in reversing the reserves they take it
      against operating expenses as the cash is collected,
      distorts real earnings. Case in point is recent article re
      IBM where you have to work pretty hard to figure out
      what earnings are after taking effect for gains and
      one time items.

      They don't provide a breakdown
      of the reserves or how they are affected quarterly.
      When bragging about increases in efficiencies as
      operating expenses as a percentage of sales is down, they
      don't point out they are really slightly up if the note
      receivable collections as shown in the cash flow statements
      is taken as a credit against operating

      If anything, I feel reserves are overstated as a way
      of "leveling" earnings and providing cushion to meet

    • What makes you feel that the reserves on the
      franchisee notes are (or may be inadequate)? It looks like
      both past and pending sales are for over half cash . .
      . in cases where the buyer is also taking
      "development rights" we're dealing with deep pockets,

      I've gone over the financial discussion and the cash
      flow statement and I can't figure out how reserves
      would be adjusted each year . . . this dog not only
      doesn't bark, he leaves no footprints.

      financials seem pretty clean . . . any other pointers?



    • Looks like the stock tanked back to the eighteen range faster than you can order a plate of the ribs. :)

    • <EOM>

    • Of jealousy ?? Or shall we call it resentment ?
      Either way it keeps me entertained for yet another day. I can't decide which one I enjoy more.....The stock going up, or reading your posts. EOM

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