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  • boxman88 boxman88 Mar 22, 2000 11:57 PM Flag

    very interesting

    This is getting interesting. What is going on
    with these partner contracts? This is the second time
    it has been brought up on this board. Surely they
    have to be on the level. Why would a company screw
    with the guys or gals who run the stores? It doesn't
    make sense.

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    • You are Wrong Man

    • Just got back from a meeting in the Smokeys. Was
      able to witness one of the managers of the Maryville
      store arrive on Sunday morning @ 10:30. Parking lot was
      full of red shirts, wonder what the salad bar looked
      like at 11:00 ??
      R2k, you say you won't check this
      till later, but a word to the wise. I wouldn't talk
      about salaries and bonuses on this board. Those
      contracts were not designed for you to make all that money.
      You get a DO that has enough pressure on him to "
      improve his area " he may just get rid of you and put a
      rookie in making 35k and no chance at any bonuses for at
      least a year. That's a saving of 55k to his PI line. Do
      that a couple of times and that figure really grows.
      You are probably reading this saying " I've been with
      them for over 5 years, they wouldn't do that to me."
      Well, let me inform you, THEY already have-- many times
      over. Seniority means nothing to them except that you
      make too much money. Brag to your Mommy, not us. Watch
      your back.
      have a nice day

    • He has over 250,000 shares which he is the
      beneficial owner of, but which are nothing more than options
      in the money.

      Had only glanced at the
      disclosure, didn't read the footnote, which indicates he
      actually owned around 50,000 or so shares.


    • Actually after a little research, looks like
      55 % ....You agree ?

    • the 25,000 shares represent almost 10% of his holdings, guess you can't read financials either.

    • And if he doens't think the stock is an
      attractive investment then why the hell should someone
      without any inside knowledge think so.

      As to the
      fellow wanting intelligent conversation go back to when
      Buford was posting and read the posts. Ruby's is playing
      games with the franchise gains, and if they aren't
      willing to be upfront with the obvious then why should
      earnings mean anything. Call them and ask them how they
      booked they Pepsi exclusivity fee a few years back,
      contrary to what their auditors said was the correct way
      to book it over time, but hey, pump up the earnings
      and book it all at once. And didn't they just change
      over to Coke, what do you thing they did this time.

    • than 15% off the top and options given to you.
      That is a perk all partners, Gms and managers have
      received, and continue to receive. In my five years with
      the co, I have dished out about 25k in cash and
      received back almost 100K, not to mention 250k in salary
      and another 200k in bonus. That isn't bad for a
      managing partner. Astute investor or not, it changed my
      life. I must just be a better partner than those that
      couldn't hang!
      As for astute investing, you all could
      sell and get a life and move on but for some reason
      you just like to bitch. P.S. I gotta stop checking
      this board daily, way too much what if and maybe
      stuff. I'm going back to an occasional check back so
      I'll see you folks next month some time.

    • same case. I was told after the initial
      depositions that RT's side was damaged pretty good by the
      regional financial analyst a former director of operations
      who represented them. There was also not much proof
      of any wrongdoing by the partner.

      Gadsden being such a blue collar town this may set a
      precedent that will rock the house.

      The document
      production request that you mentioned may be followed with a
      few more depositions and the court date is expected
      for early June.

      Any leads out there on the
      Mississippi issue?

    • given your numbers you made a return of about 33% over a period of at least two plus years. Would have done better with an index fund, but you don't strike me as an astute investor, so go figure.

    • have an excellent forum to clear up all the
      questions with their quarterly and annual SEC filings, and
      in my opinion, they are required to make adequate
      disclosures which they have not.

      But thats alright,
      the first case is a state case in Gadsen, a decidely
      pro-employee, union town where the largest employer just let go
      a lot of employees (and potential jurors).

      don't think they are going to take well to those
      shenigans the boys played with that benefit money a couple
      of years back. And I hear that document production
      request is a bear, but then again the contract was
      terminated for something like not following accounting
      policy (guess ya'll left that door open a little too
      wide guys) so we will just have to see how that
      partner measures up against what you consider to be
      spotless accounting.

      I came from the "big 5" also,
      you think Russ and Frank learned those neat tricks
      from Haskins and Sells, and from Ernst and Young?

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