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  • henryandlinda1 henryandlinda1 Jun 6, 2006 2:03 PM Flag

    Tootsie and Bush's Role


    TR has been sweet, but may take a hit because Bush has exchanged long-term growth for short-term profits. Demolished U.S. prestige is also weighs against this issue, as does the untenable U.S. debt. For all intents and purposes, Bush is a mass murderer and war criminal.

    Although TR has made money off Bush�s executive abuses, poor fiscal and foreign policy will limit the upside. Worst case scenario: stocks plummet and the death rate soars as Rumsfeld and Cheney expand their illegal war of aggression.

    Dependence on foreign oil and lack of investment in renewable energy resources is part Bush�s strategy to reward his totalitarian gang of thugs. He is gambling the huge budget deficits, welfare to arms dealers, and tax cuts to millionaires are sustainable. They�re not. Even fanatical Christians who support him because of his ban on stem-cell research and abortion are starting to see that the guy is evil�pure and simple. In many respects he's as bad a Hitler. Those waiting for Jesus to save them may be disappointed.

    Sorry to offend some, but a spade is a spade�regardless of how this administration confuses necessity with imperialism, security with colonialism, and peace with warmongering. Bush is in office because Enron, Arab sheiks, radical rabbis, Big Tobacco, human right�s abusers, and corporate criminals want him there.

    Americans killed in the illegal cross-border invasion of a sovereign nation are pawns in a richman's game�nothing more. I hate to say it, but they die in vain�victims of a megalomaniac�s greed. It�s a good example of rich old men profiting from wars in which poor young boys die. There are no WMD�s in Iraq, Saddam was not involved in 9/11, and Iraq was not an imminent threat. Bush ignored the evidence . . . but not the oil. Read between the lines: Halliburton grows fat on no-bid contracts, energy companies pocket record profits, the GOP pillages the public treasury, and insiders laugh all the way to the bank. In the end, we honest taxpayers are left holding the bag.

    Contrary to popular belief, the highest price for Bush�s terrorism is not paid by the widows and orphans of the hegemony but by millions of us ordinary citizens. Moreover, Bush's reign of terror has trampled our legal rights�yours and mine. Unless he is stopped, the killfreak�s maniacal determination to contravene international law and the U.S. Constitution will continue. The CIA is holding people indefinitely without charges, legal representation, or due process. Unalienable rights have been abridged. The Bill of Rights�the foundation of this great nation�has been shredded. Government information has become little more than self-serving propaganda.

    Ideally, Bush will be removed from office and tired for crimes against humanity. Anything short of this is an act of terror against common sense. Basically, he's dropping bombs on people, killing them, and stealing their oil. Those who support him are complicit in the slaughter, price gouging, and looming federal crisis.

    TR has gained from the S.W.-style fascism because in exchange for political contributions, industry has been given a free hand to plunder natural resources. The Interior Department and the EPA have been stacked to benefit polluters. The side effect is future generations will be sickened by the toxic legacy.

    Bottom line: Bush is a menace to society and his contempt for legitimate dissent is as immoral as his obvious delight in human rights abuses. If you think he cares about you or me, wake up! He�s counting barrels of oil and bars of gold, not bags of bodies. If he has his way, the torture he champions will grow. Whatever you do, you were warned: Bush is evil. That's as plain as I can put it: The guy is evil.

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    • I'd rather pay the farmers here than the Oil Barons in the middle east . Rather Have Rich Farmers Here that I Know will Buy My Products That I Sell. No-One in the Middle East Has Bought Any of My Heat & AC products.

    • I love your polite reply.

      No one said corn syrup was in short supply, instead there s much more competition for corn products which is putting pressure on corn bi-product prices, ie corn syrup. This is simple supply and demand economics, you may want to reveiw your economics books.

      Now here is the political part: as a thank to all the farm belt states that grow corn and who voted for him, bUSH signed the bill to encourage ethanol and bio-diesel PRODUCTION. This is much cheaper than an out and out subsidy and all those farmers once again have goverment welfare (that is my spin).

    • "Tootsie and Bush's Role" is a well written article. If it is true, America is in trouble. I have voted twice against the President and lost both times I have watched votes not counted in FL(election 2000) and people standing for hours to vote in OH(election 2004) with the same result of Bush winning the election.

      I think the election process is flawed and the education system in America is the problem. Americans are not being taught how to control their governmental systems. What we have today is a bunch of special interest groups controlling the governments of America and the ordinary citizens kept busy working 24/7 and hoping for vac and the workers holidays(XMAS,NEW YR,MEMORIAL DAY,4TH OF JULY,LABOR DAY AND THANKSGIVING).

    • ?????????
      Hey crazy man, go post on a board that cares. This is TOOTSIE ROLL not Fox News or CNN. You want to talk politics, do it in the right place. You have a statement about TR you want to make? Then make it without all the BS you spew in your post.

      I will leave you with this - candy is fun, this stock is fun, the industry is fun. Smart investors will make money on TR like I have. All the political stuff you speak of concerns me very little. As far as I am concerned Bush can take out every muslim from here to mecca. If you don't like the country - vote him out or move, but find the right soapbox to stand on to tell your message. And just so we do not have any misunderstandings:


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