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  • peterdvorets peterdvorets Sep 2, 2011 12:11 PM Flag

    Hair Dryers?

    The way the market is treating ABB, you would think they made hair dryers or something. We hear a continuous wrap about how the slowdown in the US will ruin ABB, whereas ABB is in about 100 countries and builds much-needed electrical infrastructure globally, much with proprietary components. Sure,the robotics stuff is somewhat cyclical, but not the degree that the market seems to think. I'll wait the sellers out and get my expected value!!

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    • dunepray7 Sep 20, 2011 8:49 AM Flag

      Good to see you are making some progress, albeit tempered by your sense of self and inner conflict. Introspection; I am unsure you are willing to endure the process. To avoid oneself will ultimately result in the loss of inner peace. A cost you can ill afford.


    • dunepray7 Sep 11, 2011 10:31 AM Flag

      Dear Pierre,

      My approval was for the level of discourse here during this topic. Even yours struck me as helpful to others. A thought occurred; possibly you had turned a corner, but it seems you have regressed.

      Your penchant to place words in my mouth is inaccurate. I have never espoused the buy and hold philosophy. I have advised my investments were geared around cycles. Our current state of decline in the markets is nothing other than the course to a bottom of a cycle. There will be a bottom, and no one knows where that will be, as your thinking of manipulation would indicate. History, as you neglect to grasp, educates of behavioral sequences we should not ignore.

      Markets will eventually recover. Those companies with positive cash flows, concurrent with needed businesses in demand, will prevail. Currently, my thoughts surround the Energy, technology, industrial, and basic material businesses. ABB fits my thinking in this regard. A seperate, and positive, aspect to these thoughts are the dividends these type of companies pay. If you can buy a company like ABB during these declines, you will have the needed strength of their dividend to hang on. This is not a quick process and I offer my thoughts only as humble opinion.


    • dunepray7 Sep 7, 2011 1:15 PM Flag

      Forgive him Peter,
      For he is far too young to realize what is important.

      I would agree with you. I have gone directly to some of the sites announced by ABB and find a very efficient organization at work.

      I bought quite a few more yesterday and will hold them through whatever turmoil governments can dream up.


    • Montblanc- I agree that there are likely many better prospects out there for making a return in the near term and I have invested in a few that I have high hopes for. With that said, however, I have a few core holdings that I have considerable confidence in to create long term value and ABB is one of them. I have traveled a lot of the world and everywhere I go I see significant electrification projects underway (including a few to "vacant" cities in China!) I appreciate your observations. None of us will get out of here rich or alive.

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