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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Sep 25, 2009 12:21 PM Flag

    News dated September 24, 2009

    Please tell me you guys aren't seriously this misinformed.

    Please do yourselves a favor and hand over your money to a money manager. I say this as sincerely as possible for your own benefit.

    This News Is 3 months old.

    What are you guys thinking?!


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    • another cheater

      • 1 Reply to WALKAGAIN
      • Please take your time to read my posts.

        I, besides the possible exceptions of Fletch and Manasquon, am the only person informed here as to the true value of the company as well as the way the market is manipulated in ways to manipulate your animals spirit.

        Who gets depressed when LCD TV's go down 50% and rush to buy them after the sale ends? It's illogical. Yet you praise EFUT when they run to 11, and feel down in the dumps at 8. Please take the time to ponder this emotional state of most traders in the market and how they respond to peaks and troughs.

        Fundamentals of EFUT support a much higher price, and eventually, when we get some numbers (twice in the next 2 months - 2nd and 3 Quarter releases should be Early Mid-Oct and Mid-Dec.) it's going to be quite apparent that $11.00 is still a very low price for EFUT.

        You guys knock Manasquon, but I believe he gets it. The bigger players will stay patient and will gladly buy from you on any small run-ups because you feel good about making a dollar or two. This recent run-up, if it was anything other than just sector-based exuberance, was simply to convince traders to sell any spike. Now that you all believe you should sell any spike, the next spike is going to be predictably sold by all the retail longs (believing themselves, albeit erroneously, wisened by recent events)who think that all spikes in EFUT fade to black.

        Guess what, though? The fair value is far above $11.00. 29 million in sales for 2009. 6 million EBITDA. Almost certain upward guidance for 2010 when that arrives, and you are going to see value investors, with strong hands, pile in for the long haul to $60.00. And you guys will be happy to take $10.00.

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