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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Nov 28, 2009 6:37 AM Flag

    Difference between me and taggy.

    I'm in Thailand enjoying my life and making money.

    He sits in front of the computer all day and whines.

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    • Dude who's whining? I sold the stock. I took a hit. I'm past it. Kind of surprised by your attitude.

      Maybe EFUT will go up next week, maybe not. Stocks go up and down.

      At the end of the day I'm still kicking and way up on the year. I had other losses for the year too. But my winners out cashed my losers by alot. That's how you play. Nobody is always right. People that say they are, (mana) are liars or at best dillusional.

      Good luck on EFUT. Don't smoke any bad shit over there.

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      • Look dude,

        You obviously are completely confused.

        There was absolutely no reason why 2nd quarter earnings should have been bad or good. It's all a matter of how they recognize revenue, which is still hard to predict on a quarterly basis. All that the 2nd Q means is that the earnings will show up in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

        So, pre tel, please tell me why you would sell into the last bit of bad news? It's what the most amateurish of amateurs do. We are at book value you, and the company is still growing at 40% with a potential P/E of 4.5 for 2009. When 2010 guidance comes out, it will likely move north of 20.

        Your timing is just terrible. You had 20,000 shares of EFUT and were completely bullish a few weeks ago. One frieken quarter changes all that? One frieken quarter that wasn't even supposed to be good. I don't think you understand the company or investing in general.

        Good luck tripping over your own tail your whole life.

        BTW, I sold 6000 shares in th high 9's and buy back in the low 7's. You did the opposite.

        I will sell out only over 20 per share. If it doesn't reach 20, I won't sell. Actually 20 is rather arbitrary, but earnings should still show growth over the next few years and EBITDA should be 5 million for 2009. Market cap is 24 million.

        Amateurs are controlling the price right now, so i'm perfectly comfortable with the underperformance. It's not warranted. It's just a flushing out of the morons.

    • now you make me wonder. to many american pedaphiles over there

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      • Are you kidding?

        Try 20 years ago.

        Pedophiles get locked up for life here. In Big Tiger Prison, too! Where most don't survive. BTW, I don't smoke, drink or make love with Thai ladies - although you could every night if that is what you wanted.

        The Thai people are wonderful. So kind and gentle. I got sick for a few days, and I've been treated with incredible concern and love by the people who live around where I'm staying. They don't ask for money, and give to me more than I could ever give back because I respect them and appreciate them.

        If you can avoid falling into the traps of the bar scene here, Thailand offers a new culture in which to learn and love, and new way to look at yourself and the world.

        In all sincerity, I pity your ignorance.

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