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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jun 21, 2011 3:00 PM Flag

    Just my luck...

    Bought some more at 3.60.

    Could have waited a half and hour and bought at 3.00!

    OH well... 3.60 will seem very cheap in short time.

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    • You had offered as "proof" of the scam that you believe this company is the fact that the IR in New York is hapless. Yes, I've called them. They don't know much about the operations. Call the central Hong Kong Taylor-Rafferty IR, they can answers your questions.

      I personally asked the company about why they continue to pay for the services in New York. They answered that their primary function is to set up conference calls and prepare statements before release. They are also supposed to help generate interest in the US for the company, something which they have clearly failed miserably in. But that isn't E-future's failure. It's a small failure in the Taylor-Rafferty IR package that they pay for. Taylor-Rafferty's arm in Hong Kong is who you should call if you have a concern. But I recommend calling Troe Wen at the company directly, and voicing your concerns to her.

      I've asked her many difficult questions and accused them of potential manipulation to see how she would react. She always stays poised and offers a very intelligent and reasoned argument in response to every question. Of all the companies I've invested in over the years, I've never talked to somebody as approachable, friendly, well-mannered, and business proficient in an IR position as Troe Wen.

      Call her, and accuse Efuture of whatever you want. Tell them how the company is a scam. You'll receive a calm, well-mannered response and a basis for every decision they have made over the last few years. The general goals and strategy of this company remain unchanged as they continue to execute on their goal of growing the customer base.

      As Yang Dehong said on his blog recently... Take care of the client first, and the profits will present themselves in due time. He's right. This was amazon's model, and many people got extremely bearish and sold the stock down to $5.50. Now, at 35x+ the value, the patient were well rewarded.

      Efuture is absolutely not a scam. If they fail in their business model, it won't be due to lack of effort by management. It would be due to lack of demand for their services. The evidence is all around you if you do your proper DD. This isn't Yongyge International selling fertilizer for ridiculous prices that have no scientific proof of efficacy enhancements. This isn't Longtop selling things at unbelievable margins. This isn't CCME with their weak accounting standards.

      This is a small Chinese company, but it offers more detailed earnings and cash flow statements than most of their US-based small caps. They exceed financial reporting standards within the US at this point in their growth.

      If you are going to pick a Chinese Scam out of a hat, Efuture is a poor draw.

    • They are a scam? In what way?

      Do you know Adam Yan? Do you know Yang Dehong? Have you personally met them and voiced your concerns about the fraudulent potential of this company.

      If you want, I can send you a private link which proves they are actively engaging in business with the Top Tier Chinese Brass... BTW, Efuture "Business Intelligence One", if the highest rated SaaS Retail Analysis program as rated by users in China.

      Call their customers... ask them how E-Future is working for them? You are so wrong on this one, mana. And you don't have the informational advantage, I do.

    • Check out Kingdee's valuation, I hadn't seen this before today...

      Kingdee, as you should know, is a competitor of Fuji (Efuture) in China.
      They are much larger and profitable, but many of Efutures products outrank Kingdee products in online user reviews.

      7x Sales vs Efuture at .55x sales

      If Efuture traded at the same multiple, Efuture would be $39.00 a share.. not tomorrow.. but today! Earnings multiple is 36x times annual income. That gives you a perspective on what Efuture will trade at once people realize it is already an income producing company (on a cash flow basis) Kingdee trades for 30x operating cash flow. If efuture traded at 30x operating cash flow it would be valued at $24.00 per share.

      Can you say bargain?

    • Thx- send you an email - appreciate your work on the

    • Surprised we have not seen more insider buying or a buyback fhe Company .

      The insiders bought big around 5.37$ - 6 months ago
      The Compsny should finish the year with what 12-13million in cash which is basicly it's market value - they could buyback a most 10% of the company for 1.5million - the secter is a disaster but they need be more proactive on my view

      • 2 Replies to jtechkid1969
      • In reply to the statement, "The Compsny should finish the year with what 12-13million in cash which is basicly it's market value"

        What bothers me is that in the companies' financial statement they have less cash now-over 2 million US less than last quarter. And there is a brief note about some of that amount due to employee bonuses. How much? They don't state any amount. They were 1.7 million US short of break even and this bonus money might have been the difference. THAT IS BS,and STUPID if they want new investors!

      • Have you called the company?

        They can't buyback at the moment until the last few remaining convertibles are exercised by Hudson Bay Capital Management.

        They will buyback once those clear - they definitely seemed interested in the idea.

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