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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jun 24, 2012 12:18 PM Flag

    What you never saw with Tibet Pharmaceuticals

    Moreover, it was Bradley Haneberg who pioneered Anderson and Strudwick's initial plunge into Chinese companies seeking funding from US markets. One of his many trips to China in order intitiate conversations about how to tap the US for funds, he met with E-Future. Mac Downs was not responsible for the IPO and the legal processes to bring E-Future public.

    Implicating Mac Downs and his connection with fraud is an unproven accusation, which you should probably keep to yourself and let the lawyers at Rosen conduct their investigation. By all means, do what is necessary to gather the proper documentation and/or information if you really believe he is complicit in the embezzlement of IPO proceeds, but don't accuse him of guilt on a public forum like this - especially when all have to offer are accusations. Accusations are charges without gathered evidence. If you have the evidence that he was willing, complicit, and abetting the fraud - please post it here or at the TBET message boards. It's in the interest of everybody to get all information that is known and proveable out into the light of day. However, Mac Downs - even if these accusations have merit - is not Bradley Haneberg and although they worked at the same firm, it does not mean they shared the same values. It is entirely possible that Mac Downs saw Bradley Haneberg make a name for himself, and then tried to repeat the process by any means necessary.

    Bradley Haneberg's innovative business structure knowledge allowed E-Future to have the information it needed to legally seek out funds internationally, without fear of consequences for breaking Chinese law. That the structure was repeated at the same firm by other members in haste to attempt repeat the successes is not a surprise.

    It was he who structured the $6.00 offering. Bradley Haneburg now works for the prestigious law firm Kaufman and Canoles and does not hide at all from his past and lists his successful IPO completion with E-Future as one of his accomplishments on his Bio page at Kaufman and Coles. Mac Downs, has pretty much gone into hiding from what I can tell. He probably realizes he's going to spend a lot of time in court as he is the most visible and most easily prosecutable piece of the TBET IPO. But ultimately, if I'm not mistaken, it would be insurance that would cover him rather than being directly liable for the giant fraud that took place. Either way, although he might receive the gult, it's Hu Wang or Yang or whatever his name is - and his accomplices that stole your money! Two different stories. Two different companies.

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