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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Aug 13, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    Great quarter - they are close

    They smoked estimates by around 50% and obvious taking market share in China and looks like building a strong brand - this was worst quarter reported by publicly Traded Chinese companies since 2008 so it makes number even better - they are obvious little cautious with guidance because rightfully China Economy has been tough this year as the Governmrnt now moves to stimus -

    If Chinese Economy , stock market can get some confidence into next year as the Governmrht goes to more easing policy Efut is in real good position -
    Also buying back stock on top of insider buys is very positive

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    • Thank you for that information and insight. I agree with you regarding the Chinese paranoia. Someday I hope that will subside, based on better relations and better trade agreements. I also have to lay some of the blame on the very good and legitimate Chinese companies that seem to do a rather poor job of telling their story. I include efuture in that. Very little PR here in the states, outside of an occasional news release. My suggestion to Troe Wen that someone, possibly Adam Yan, appear on CNBC with Herb Greenberg must have fallen on deaf ears. Herb has been their go to guy to(IMO) give Chinese companies a bad name by focusing on the bad and ignoring the good. I know it is like stepping into the Lions Den but if you have a solid company with nothing to hide what better way to get your story out and attract interest. Since you have good connections there you might want to mention it.

    • 3x sales = 81 million or about 19-20 bucks a share.

      Part of the share count are options that will never be exercised, so I think the actual share base is around 3.9 - 4 million. Therefore 20-21 bucks a share.

      I doubt we'll see that in the current environment, but in a typical environment minus the everything-Chinese paranoia, that would probably be the price E-Future is trading at.

    • looks good but I`m already all in...LOL

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      • With a good quarter and close to profitability, it is hard to comprehend the total lack of interest in this stock. Many days with no trades at all. China's economic outlook is improving according to Mark Mobius and looks good but housing prices rose when they were trying to bring them down and Jim Rogers thinks housing prices could lead to some problems if the Government does not take proper action. More stimulus is around the corner in September but Rogers thinks the Government should keep a tighter lid on credit. This could lead to a slowing economy.

    • They are so close to be a profitable company, it is almost painful. They have been around for 15 years apparently,it is about time to actually make some money. Can you imagine running a business at a loss for 15 years, crazy, gotta give Adam and the gang credit for sticking with it. We long term suffering shareholders have suffered plenty as well and soon ,it will be our time in the sun.

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