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  • rjrobbiechef8 May 17, 2013 2:04 PM Flag

    Longs and Shorts

    i can see there is a little tug of war on the stock
    the longs are buying as they know there's great news and contracts in place which means price appreciation and know the stock price is going up
    the shorts are selling because they want to bring the price down before monday's earnings, but are nervous that if there's too much buying then they will have to cover
    wonder who.s going to miss out
    there was some big trades yesterday for this stock i saw a few 20k going through

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    • I don't think anything going on with the stock until you eventually get real money into stock. What happens with the pump is the news is great. So the market makers, traders bid stock up in the hopes that it attracts big money because of the great news. For whatever reason at this TIME big money refuses to play most micro cap China plays so EFUT gets know real money flows. So the traders, market makers then dump the stock because their is zero follow thru on the stock. Their has never been more than 5k short in EFUT. EFUT great news is attracting money but its not attracting real money-simple as that and in the meantime it doesn't matter. If efut continues to get bigger, China starts to recover than eventually efut will attract real money and stock will go parabolic. In 2007 Efut went from like 6-45$ and in 2009 it went from 4-13$. Today, its 10x better company that stock blew up more because of the accounting frauds in the sector than anything it did.

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