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  • cnlg1000 cnlg1000 Oct 28, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Muddy Waters

    The NQ event has hammered most China stocks EFUT now with a market cap of 15 Million is trending back to grossly undervalued share pricing on volumes so small I couldn't get out if I wanted to. Merde. Looks like the Chairman got this right no big run in the cards for EFUT.

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    • Amazing how a report from a very questionable short seller, Muddy Waters, could take down an entire Countries stocks. This was a very carefully planned and executed short attack on NQ, but the short sellers knew the overflow effect would take down all Chinese stocks which had been skyrocketing. This presents some opportunities on the pullbacks.

    • Efut trades with all the Chinese pigs- up and down money flow. Although, I would say efut trades at the bottom of the list for whatever reason. I don't think it changes much with efut , it will trade with the money flow in the small Chinese unless something changed dramatic: Efut actually talk to institutional investors: ie-you actually get a fund owner: They get coverage from a niche firm: They start to grow at a higher rate and their new products do very well. In the meantime its micro cap money flow or pumps and dumps.

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      • jtech all good points. Talk to Institutional investors? Whatever became of Adams trip to the U.S. or could that still be in the works? In order to get any coverage by a firm this company needs to get on the map first and we all know how you do that. Earnings and profits.The contracts, (agreements) announced are small and there has to be some follow thru about verifiable measured results. With earnings just around the corner, it appears there will be no further news until after and that is disappointing.

      • Yea well Muddy Waters turned the tide on the money flow. EFUT's low share count doesn't help on the no demand days like this. Stock fell from $4.90 to $3.90 on less than 100,000 shares volume and it took 3 days to trade that volume. At market cap below 15 million, EFUT is wildly undervalued.

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