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  • bcroft22 bcroft22 Jul 27, 2000 3:16 PM Flag

    Campbell Soup

    I am new in purchasing stock in Campbell Soup
    Company. Could someone please let me know how you feel
    that the company is doing. I noticed that the Earnings
    Growth for the Canned Soup Industry increased while
    Campbell Soup decreased. Could you let me know why you
    think this is and if it is wise for me to enter the
    market at this time. Thank you,

    Ms. Croft

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    • The company's earnings growth rate was 10% in the last five years. It is looking forward to introducing new products and (soup) flavors this year. . We advise investors to stay away from CPB, until the company is able to wean its soup business off promotions, and new products can bring a turnaround in sales.

    • "C" is right, do not look at these message boards
      for stock information. Another good source is
      American Association of Individual Investors. (AAII). It
      can be found on the internet. I think there is an
      annual fee of $50.00, but they have good information
      available on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more. They
      have a monthly newsletter too I believe. Good Luck, I
      hope you get the info you need.

    • Hi! If you're interested in purchasing any stock,
      the message board for the company you're interested
      is not an ideal place for recommendations.

      Most boards for stocks that are struggling are
      dominated by the passions of existing investors who support
      their long positions by extolling the virtues of the
      company, equally passionate complainers who constantly
      whine and make a career out of bashing the company and
      its management, and/or people who are motivated to
      drive the price down because they are short sellers.

      When a stock is rising in price, it seems that the
      only kind of postings on the board are those of happy

      But seriously, your research efforts should include a
      company's annual report, a trusted professional's advice,
      and industry research such as that contained in Value
      Line or Standard & Poor's (to name just

      Being involved in a local investment club (often
      sponsored by the NAIC) is a great way to tap into the
      resources of that organization and the support/advice of
      neighbors and friends who have become educated about
      selecting stocks.

      Good luck. And by the way, a
      purchase of Campbell Soup stock at this time requires an
      act of faith since it is a security that has gone
      nowhere lately except down in price.

      I, however,
      am in the stock and optimistically await an upturn.

    • Buying Campbells now is like going to Vegas.
      Chances are you could hit it big if a white knight comes
      along and starts a bidding war among other food
      companies. However the Family (Dorrances) have stated they
      want an all cash deal, haning turned down a previous
      offer from Phillip Morris months ago.

      With David
      johnson back at the helm, the numbers reported to Wall
      Street will improve. However, the relationship of these
      numbers should not be associated with the company

      Private Label and alternative branded
      items (Progresso) will continue to erode share. It is
      difficult for any one company to maintain a 70%+ market
      share in any category.

      Growth in the core soup
      business will have to come from new consumption and
      convenience ideas. Branded soup stations in airports are
      starting to show up in more locations, but soup still
      requires two hands. Recent wall Street article on General
      Mills CEO philosophy needs to be taken at heart by
      Campbell. How do we make it a one-handed food for today's
      lifestyle. It's not that difficult, but the marketing powers
      have yet to discover it and more importnatly have not
      comitted to market the product to toady's dual income

      My thoughts, for your consideration.

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