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  • spaceleyspacesprockets spaceleyspacesprockets May 20, 2008 12:26 AM Flag

    Buffett's politics make no sense

    since it has been Republican policies that have played a major role in his wealth-building. Low capital gains tax rates and personal taxes always boost markets. The democrats he now pushes are among the most adversarial to business and personal liberties in decades. Maybe now that he is on a global trek it does not matter much in his view...but this crowd is very liberal and none have ever produced a damn thing...look out.

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    • Warren can do one simple move that will place him in a tax liability position with that of his secretary. All he has to do is take a salary of 5,000,000 and up to clear his concious and he will be paying a heavy tax liabilty or an effective rate of 28-33% plus add on the state tax and medicare of 5%. I was shocked to hear that he feels the rich are getting away with huge breaks. I consider my self a working class millionare who has worked very hard and diligently saved inorder to achieve a certain level of income. When I add up all of my taxes that I pay: Fed 28%-State 9.3% 12.5% social security (self Employed) Medicare 5% I would consider this a pretty heavy tax burden, tell me where I got off easy? What the government needs is to be held accountable for the money they currently get and manage it like we all have to do. I'm tired of the government making excuses for their own mistakes and wasteful spending habits and always comming back to the well for more money.Why isn't anybody discussing the government inability to manage the money? We don't have that luxury, it is such a scam.............

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      • I agree with you. I have worked hard for my money and saved and invested over the years. I did not get caught up in the real estate bubble. Also, how does raising capital gains help improve things? I have done better with investing over the last 8 years because I look for opportunities, such as in foreign stocks and other areas. Isn't this what Buffet does, no matter what the overall market is like? The late 1990s were a giant tech bubble. My life is for the better over the last 8 years and no I do not earn a six figure income. If Warren Buffet wants to pay more in taxes nothing stops him from doing so. Would the IRS complain if he did not take deductions or just decided to pay at a higher rate? I want less government and less taxes, not more.

    • Best thing happened when WB sponsered Hillary. See what happened to her. Same thing is going to happen to Obama. Thank you WB.

    • Yes, just look at how the stock market has SOARED since Bush was elected.

      And Bush has secured inexpensive oil and a strong dollar with his assertive role in the middle east.

      And the Bush tax cuts PROOVE that lower taxes mean lower deficits and a strong dollar (or even surpluses).

    • I meant ovrwhelming majority of senate

    • You have that right. Pelosi and company are going to have some major explaining to do come November. By not allowing the FISA and free trade bills to even be put to a vote, she has single handedly hijacked the peoples business!!

      I do not care what her position is, but to keep a bill on foreign surveillance tied up in committee or whatever she is doing; one that has been passed by an overwhelming majority in congress, she demonstrates incredible arrogance.

    • No need to take any meds to deal with mindless to see them how they really are.

    • It's very simple, basic economics guys: it doesn't so much matter how money is distributed, as long as it is spread around and the greatest number of people get to participate in the economy. If you think that's wasteful, consider what the financial sector alone has done to this country as of late. That is supposed to be "capitalism"? The real problem is that most of you only know what you see in the US and have no exposure to the rest of the world. Buffett does. Until you know what socialism really is all about stop whining about it because nothing we have even comes close, and that's a good thing.

    • <<His secretary may pay less taxes but she probably makes 6 figures anyway.>>

      How much do you think Buffett earns at Berkshire? How much do you think he pays his secretary?

    • spaceleyspacesprockets spaceleyspacesprockets May 23, 2008 12:35 AM Flag

      No problem...politics makes us all crazy sometimes. I am so tired of being lied to and watching them all ride in limousines and send their kids to the finest private schools while they tell everyone else to live like peons and stay in the rotten public school system. They are all mutli-milionaires who care about one thing---power and getting re-elected. They cause all the problems and then hold these phoney kangaroo-court hearings to point the finger at everyone else. Business is not the problem. Rather it can be the solution if democrats would ever open their eyes. Sure we should look for alternative energy, but in the meantime we should pump the oil we have and not keep sending money to the fanatics who want us all dead. At least Bush is trying and doing something. Democrats are for doing nothing about anything and then blaming him. They have had power for two years now and look where we are. We are going to need McCain if for no other reason than to slow the looney left down until the adults come back.

    • The reason Warren supports Democrats is that he knows this: Republicans, first under Reagan, and now under Bush, ran up the biggest deficits in our history. What's more, it was Franklin Roosevelt who saved rich people and Republicans from their laissez-faire selves. Buffett knows that Democrats are good for business, because they know that when more people have money, spending goes up. The mythology of Republicans being good for business is just that---mythology.

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      • spaceleyspacesprockets spaceleyspacesprockets May 23, 2008 10:33 AM Flag

        UH, WHAT? FDR's "new deal" has been a massive failure! All those social programs; more appropriately called "freebies to the freeloaders" have ballooned under EVERY President and they still fail. Untold trillions have gone to fraudulent uses and illegals. Social Security was never supposed to be abused the way it is and there is no "trust fund" Quit blaming was democrats who controlled congress under him save for two years in the Senate and they stuck pork and waste in every bill he got...there is still no line-item veto so quit lying. You liberals just cannot accept what your party really is about and always run away when you are called out for the truth. First, you need a true understanding of how bills get passed...the President cannot spend a dime nor can he enact any legislation....all he can do is sign one into law or whip out the veto pen. WAKE UP AND LEARN...then you won't sound so uninformed when you make blanket remarks of blame towards one person or the other. Democrats are in control now! Once again: WHAT ARE THEY DOING???

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