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  • useridxx useridxx Oct 29, 2008 3:10 PM Flag

    Top Ten reasons to Vote F/ Democrats

    5) I am voting Republican because should we pull out of Iraq, what would happen to Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Halliburton? These people need their well-paid jobs! The neo-con way is to develop opportunity: first, decimate a country, then, develop opportunities to award billions of dollars of public taxpayer monies to private sector companies via no-bid, open-ended, blank check rebuild contracts. As the Madison Avenue boys say in advertising, “Create a need and fill that need.” I am a firm believer in the subsidization of private enterprise with public funding; or in other words, implementing an under-the-radar form of socialism/taxation that benefits the privileged few at the expense of others.

    6) I am voting Republican because the days of Ellis Island are over. Yes, my grandparents came from Europe and spoke a language other than English; yes, I was the first in my family to have the benefit of a college education that enabled me to go on to become a successful entrepreneur and live a comfortable life, but those circumstances should not be extended to any other tired, poor, huddling masses yearning to breathe free. America is about Americans, the white Anglo-Saxon protestant Americans who founded this country (once they got rid of the Indians) and fought for independence against the tyranny of a corrupt government that drained the common man’s pockets to perpetuate the whims of a monarchy accustomed to enjoying luxury and power derived from the subservience and suffering of its colonial subjects.

    7) I am voting Republican because there is no way, in good conscience, I can approve of law that would endanger the
    life of the innocent unborn. Though I know full well that “partial birth abortion” is in no way a clinical term or medical definition and can be found nowhere in medical libraries since it is only a catchphrase devised by self-professed ‘pro-life’ lobbyists to engender political upheaval, I support laws that forbid this horrific practice. True, the mother may die since this rare medical procedure is generally performed only in dire circumstances when the mother’s life is at risk, but her husband and other innocent children will learn to live without their wife and mother in time. The government knows best when it comes to life and death. It is a conundrum that I am 'pro-life' but also support the death penalty, but few are incarcerated who have suffered all that much once current DNA technology has proven their innocence. A mistaken execution here and there is the price one pays for a safe society. I’m likewise appalled that Darwinist theory is part of our public school curriculum. Every God-fearing Christian has read their Bible and accepts the literal truth of Adam and Eve.

    8) I am voting Republican because I am offended by the liberal media that slants every news report to the left by daring to ask in-depth questions and demanding accurate information about critical national issues from our political leaders. I prefer to listen to Fox “News” since they explain things in a more understandable, objective vernacular, and to read tabloids like the NY Post, another Rupert Murdoch endeavor, as opposed to publications that offer mainstream professional journalism. I believe that information reported by a global conglomerate headed by an Australian business tycoon who has no qualms about passing off sensationalist entertainment as solid reporting is more reliable than publications or news networks that raise responsible, justifiable questions or voice views in dissent to those of the current administration.

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