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  • rob.salgado Aug 3, 2009 7:36 PM Flag

    Why didnt I buy @ $2,300 !?

    I was waiting for it, it happened and I chickened out!

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    • Wimpey Jerk!

    • You can buy WSC, which is 80% owned by BRK, and holds proportionally much more of the good stuff (GS warrants, etc.)

    • Its hard to call a bottom on a stock or the overall market for that matter. Take heart as we have a huge gap up longer term.

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      • I agree that you cannot pick the bottom or top. If someone claims they buy at the bottom and sell at the top, they are not telling the truth. I have 8 B shares. I bought 4 shares at 2900 and another 4 shares at 3100. I buy when I have the cash and save enough for a share or two. I will buy some more when my next paycheck comes out. I should be able to squeeze enough for another share.

        It's interesting to note today's downgrade. Only one analyst downgraded Berkshire today, while other analysts have not made any upgrades or downgrades. How coincident is that the downgrade came right after earnings were reported? Options are recently sold on Berkie. I bet someone has lots of put options and most of them are out of money. Does it come as a surprise that the retail side of Berkie's business would be affected and you slap a downgrade two years after 2007? I'll give him more respect if he called the recession in 2007 or even at 2008 when retail sales will go down. I could be an analyst too. Let me state the obvious. Just on recent prefer share purchases, Berkie's preferred dividends top 2 billion. On top of that, this doesn't even count the high yield muni bond and government debt that he's on a shopping spree. Don't fall for this analyst. Long term capital management shorted Berkie back in the days and paid the price. With job losses slowing, and the the recession coming to an end, he's really making a bad call.

    • You can buy mine. Oh wait, no you cant because I already sold them last Friday. I was laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Where can I buy, hold, and sell fractional shares of BRK-B?

    • rob.salgado Aug 6, 2009 5:11 PM Flag

      I try to do most of my research on line, but CNBC is so interesting
      sometimes I cant help being influenced. You have a good point and I will try to listen to CNBC for entertainment reasons more than investment advice. The sky is falling reporting keeps me on the edge of my seat sometimes, I need to relax and pop some corn and watch with one eye closed.

    • Its not to late the stock is going to go back up to where it was last year to around $4500 per share, I got in at 2400 and some change No risk with Brkb its a sure thing..

    • The real question is: why aren't you buying at today's price?

      Will you be kicking yourself on August 6, 2014, for having passed up today's opportunity?

      I think of BRKB as a kind of mutual fund, without management fees. I've been buying shares for many years. The last buy was at 3974, on OCT. 8, 2008 and before that, at 3611 on November 6, 2006. My average price is much lower, but even if my only buys were the last ones, I would not have agita as I am content to get rich ... slowly.

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      • rob.salgado Aug 6, 2009 5:21 PM Flag

        My neighbor said the same thing about BRK-B being a no fee mutual fund,
        I love that. Is this recent run going to cool off like so many have been
        saying? Buying on an upswing is the other side of me sitting on my hands. My new buy target is $2,800. I'm not sure if here at todays price is good. A lot of profit taking has been going on since Monday.
        I even sold 50% of AA on Monday 8/3/09, I bought AA at $5.96 and rung the register at $12.41. I do hope BRK-B goes straight up from here, but I am a little reserved at this price.
        Thanks for your advice.

    • Ok so I bought the 3100 calls at 35 and sold them at 93 ummm i didnt want to be a pig , but ummmm theyre now 400, biting my nails daily for what couldve been. Just be thankful the worst has not happened we are clearly out of the crazy times we had and now we can start buying good companies with good earnings potential. The time for reasonable investment analysis is now and brk is a good place to be

    • Told you guys to but yesterday, but NO. Now last chance buy tomorrow hand over fist and wait till $ 5000 by X-Mas. It still lags the S&P and just playing catch up, nothing more. Warren is still alive guys and drinks cherry coke for Gods sake.

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