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  • nobleonetoo May 5, 2012 8:56 PM Flag

    Buffett - you cannot take 'it' with you!

    I read all the comments - so many make a prophesy as to what will be next move on our stock! Some talk out of the back of their head, others think that by saying the stock will advance in coming days, are really 'hoping' it will make a move!

    Warren B. - I doubt anyone really knows the man, his thinking or his plans. His cancer will have some very strong reasons he will do certain things - in his life as in his investing!

    I would like to know if Warren B. ever takes a few minutes to read the criticism of himself and his investments and takeovers, from the various topics discussed on the many sites of stocks he control's ? I am not one of those people able to invest large amounts of money. I would welcome a dividend and would reinvest it immediately in order to try and add to the minimal amount of shares I own. Waiting to hear the news regarding the past year. Nothing showing on computer as yet except to say no lengthy questions and answer 's to be exchanged with the approx. 30,000 who travel the world to be in Omaha on this Buffet day!

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    • exactly. i dont know why wait for the 1x1 to buy shares if he thinks the stock is gonna be a home run in another 5 yrs or so. he doesnt think much of his own stock if he wont buy. that sends a bad message to the traders, and due to this element i dont think this stock will move much, if at all in the coming months. he should pay a dividend instead of buying and buying. berkshire is big already, and since his health has become an issue he shouldnt even be thinking of buying because if his health should get serious it will be more difficult for the next man that takes over to manage berkshire. both he and munger should have had someone along side them yrs ago to gather experience. now they are both old, who knows how long they ll live and in the meantime they dont have anyone to take their place that knows how berkshires works. this should make the traders behave not so friendly towards the shares. its an opinion of course

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